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2019: TUNE Shipped More Product This Year than the Post Office

Becky Doles

Image of cardboard box representing TUNE 2019 product launches, updates, and highlights.

We have had an extremely productive 2019 here at TUNE, shipping a lot of powerful functionality to our advertiser and network customers. Our number one priority? Improving the TUNE Partner Marketing Platform to truly give every customer the power to partner the way they want to. 

To ensure that you did not miss out on any of the goodness, we put together a list of TUNE’s 2019 product launches, updates, and highlights. Without further ado:

New Capabilities Shipped in 2019 

1. TUNE Pay
TUNE Pay pairs powerfully integrated accounts payable workflows with international payment processing to help you pay partners the way you want to. Create accessible, accurate, and timely payouts, in your partners’ preferred currency. Reconcile and verify with ease. Eliminate costly human errors. Read more here

2. Proactive Fraud Prevention
Automatically detect and reject fraudulent activity with Proactive Fraud Prevention. This free technology combines TUNE’s powerful automation capabilities with Fraudlogix’s premier ad fraud detection and is built right into the TUNE platform. Read more here

3. Performance Automation
Set automation rules that optimize campaigns and traffic sources to achieve your top business goals with Performance Automation from TUNE. These features and reports are built right into the platform to streamline business processes. Read more here.

4. MMP Integrations and Universal Linking with Branch
Work with a mobile measurement partner (MMP)? Leverage TUNE’s integrations with top MMPs to accurately track and attribute mobile conversions while routing customers to their optimal experiences. Read more about how you can easily generate universal tracking links with Branch for partners here.

5. Cookieless Tracking for ITP 2.2 Support
TUNE’s cookieless tracking solution solves the issues raised by ITP 2.2 and other anti-tracking measures by eliminating the need for cookies and redirects in the attribution process, providing accurate, ITP-compliant tracking across all common browsers on desktop and mobile web. Read more here

6. TUNE Integrated Partners
Seamlessly activate curated, trustworthy marketing partnerships through the TUNE platform by tapping into TUNE’s rich partner ecosystem. 

7. Time-to-Action Report
Identify anomalous traffic and click patterns to find potential fraud (e.g., click injection, click spamming, cookie stuffing) down to the partner source level with TUNE’s Time-to-Action report. Learn more here.

8. Payout Structures
Craft the right incentives and manage customized payout logic using TUNE’s dynamic Payout Structures. Align your incentives with your business objectives. Customize your payouts to meet industry-specific requirements. Read more here

9. Tax Management in TUNE Pay
Store and manage your partner’s tax information directly in TUNE Pay.

Improvements Shipped in the TUNE Platform in 2019

10. Event Tracer Usability Enhancements
Now you can save configuration settings, search/filter by source, filter by the hour, and deep link from reports to easily drill into the trace logs from reports. Read more here

11. Trends Chart in Reports
Visualize data-driven insights more powerfully with TUNE’s new trends chart, now a part of all Stats reports. Read more here

12. Bulk Disabled Links
Filter and delete disabled links in bulk to improve your results in record time. Read more here

13. Bulk Classifications and Tagging (with Increased Limits)
Classify and tag your offers, advertisers, and partners in bulk via csv. Take advantage of the increased limit of 300 custom tags for each classification. Read more here.

14. Tag-Enabled Offer Approvals
Automatically approve offers for partners properly tagged in TUNE UI or API. Read more here.  

15. Landing Page Enhancements: Private Landing Pages
Set landing pages (offer URLs) to “private,” allowing you to test your pages before exposing them to your partners. Read more here

16. Creatives Enhancements: Expiration Date (API Only)
Set an expiration date for a creative (offerFile) via API. When the expiration date is reached, the creative’s status is set to “deleted.” Read more here

17. Stats Reports Improvements
Group and filter your Stats reports by city and region of origin. Clean up your reports by looking at the most relevant partners, with new “non-zero revenue” and “non-zero payout” filters. Be able to exclude certain filter values. Read more here.

18. Partner API Improvements
Improved API requests, as requests from an invalid partner API key no longer affect the network’s rate limit. TUNE’s partner interface will no longer share a rate limit with the partner API and network API.

19. Mail Room: Classifications & Tags Support
Bulk email a group of recipients based on their classifications and tags. Read more here.

20. Offer Cap Notifications for Partners
Networks and partners will now receive notifications when an offer hits its offer cap, not just when you hit your partner cap.

21. Mail Room Enhancements: WYSIWYG Support
Format your partner emails right in TUNE’s user-friendly email editor.

22. Scheduled Offer Change Notification to Networks and Partners
Receive notifications (such as a status or payout) when an offer change is scheduled, not just when the scheduled change goes into effect. 

23. Partner Interface: Enhanced Look and Feel
Delight your partners with a clean new design for your partner interface.

On to a New Decade

So many exciting things have happened at TUNE this year, and there is so much more to look forward to in 2020. Thanks to all of our customers for making this year great. From everyone here at TUNE, happy holidays, and here’s to a happy and prosperous new year.  

To learn more about where we are taking the TUNE Partner Marketing Platform in 2020, email [email protected] or start a 30-day free trial now.

Becky Doles

Becky is the Senior Content Marketing Manager at TUNE. Before TUNE, she led a variety of marketing and communications projects at San Francisco startups. Becky received her bachelor's degree in English from Wake Forest University. After living nearly a decade in San Francisco and Seattle, she has returned to her home of Charleston, SC, where you can find her enjoying the sun and salt water with her family.

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