TUNE Partner Spotlight: Siteplug

Lyndsey Fish

TUNE Connect Partner Spotlight featuring Siteplug

Today, I’m excited to kick off a new series on the TUNE Blog where we’ll be highlighting some of the latest and greatest partners in TUNE’s partner ecosystem. Our first Q&A features Siteplug, a performance marketing solution that helps consumers connect more easily with brands when searching online.

Q: Can you give us a high-level overview of Siteplug?

A: Siteplug is a performance marketing solution enabling brands to get access to high-intent users through our three formats: SiteDirect, SiteDiscover, and SiteSuggest.

With the help of these unique formats and our strategic partnerships with top domain parking companies, content websites, coupon websites, search applications, and browsers, we help marketers get access to a very specific targeted user base that has the intent of transacting with your brand.

Q: What are the top ways you promote brands?

A: We have three distinct formats through which we promote brands. Below is a small description of each of these solutions:

  • SiteDiscover: Promote your brand across various placements on top content sites, deal/coupon websites, blogs, etc. Choose from over 100,000 popular websites to promote on.
  • SiteDirect: Secure all high-intent users who end up making a typo/error while directly navigating to your brand’s website and ensure they are not lost out to competitors due to parked pages. This technology corrects over 16 different types of human errors.
  • SiteSuggest: Recommends your brand name as a sponsored listing to a user searching for your brand or product related keywords. This recommendation happens while the user is searching across our partner network.

Q: What is the total reach of your audience?

A: Siteplug primarily targets all high-intent users that are searching for a brand or a specific product online. Across our top partners and our top formats, we have access to more than 100 million users in North America.

Q: Which verticals perform the best with Siteplug?

A: Our top performing verticals include E-Commerce, Entertainment, Finance, Travel, and Telecommunication.

Q: Tell us something unique about Siteplug.

A: Our average conversion rates are upwards of 3% and improving every minute with the help of our unique machine learning technology, which we have built by driving over $500 million in sales for more than 1,000 brands globally. Hence every day, our unique tech is working on improving conversion rates and constantly scaling sales for all our existing brand partners.

Q: Any final thoughts or comments on what we can expect from Siteplug in 2021?

A: In this fast-changing ad tech world, we are doing our part to enhance the industry and add more value. Research and development have always been our priority, especially to identify attractive and efficient ways for brands to reach consumers, with better user experience being our key focus. Subscribe to us at to stay tuned for more updates.

TUNE customers who would like to work with Siteplug can request an introduction through the TUNE platform. Questions? Email us at [email protected].

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Lyndsey Fish

Lyndsey Fish is the Director of Partnerships at TUNE. Before joining TUNE, Lyndsey worked for a leading partner marketing agency, overseeing a diverse portfolio of clients. Her career has focused on growing affiliate partnerships, utilizing data to make strategic decisions for consumer brands, and driving incremental growth.

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