TUNE Partner Spotlight: The College Investor

Lyndsey Fish

TUNE Connect Partner Spotlight - The College Investor

For October, we turn the spotlight to a brand that was founded just over a decade ago, but has already made a name for itself in the personal finance space: The College Investor. We asked them to fill us in on what makes their brand special and how they provide value to consumers and advertisers alike in order to stand out in a crowded digital industry.

Q: Can you give us a high-level overview of The College Investor?

A: The College Investor is on a mission to help readers escape student loan debt and start building real wealth for the future. We help readers navigate the personal finance world, whether it be budgeting, student loans, taxes, side hustles, crypto, and more. The College Investor was started by personal finance expert Robert Farrington in 2009 and has evolved into a financial media brand reaching millions of readers per month.

Q: What are some of the top ways you promote brands?

A: We provide in-depth product reviews and compare personal finance products for our readers to help them make the best decision for their situation. We also specialize in SEO and publish original articles that align with Google queries and regularly feature brands in these articles. Beyond the website, The College Investor is thriving on social media (Facebook, TikTok, etc.).

Q: Which verticals perform the best with your company?

A: Banking, student loans, student loan refi, crypto, taxes, insurance, real estate, and investing.

Q: What is the total reach of The College Investor’s audience?

A: Our website ranges anywhere between 1 to 3 million visitors a month. We have high seasons (Q1) and low seasons (Q3).

Q: Can you tell us about a successful campaign you’ve run in the last six months?

A: In the last six months, we’ve seen the most success with our cryptocurrency articles, particularly educating readers how they can earn interest on crypto, because traditional banks aren’t paying any interest at all. Additionally, we’ve run sponsored articles like this one for Doordash, and because it ranks for high-volume relevant keywords, we drive a lot of high-quality, high-intent customers to Doordash as a result.

Q: What’s something unique about The College Investor?

A: Robert started The College Investor because he was struggling to pay off his student loans, kept running into scams, and realized there was not a reliable source of information and guidance for people in his situation. This was over 10 years ago — have things really changed? More people than ever are struggling with their student loans, learning how to invest and how to maximize their potential. The College Investor is unique because we prioritize the needs of our readers and hope to help as many people as possible.

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Lyndsey Fish

Lyndsey Fish is the Director of Partnerships at TUNE. Before joining TUNE, Lyndsey worked for a leading partner marketing agency, overseeing a diverse portfolio of clients. Her career has focused on growing affiliate partnerships, utilizing data to make strategic decisions for consumer brands, and driving incremental growth.

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