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Deeplinking: A Fundamental Change in the Mobile App Ecosystem

Andrew Hansen

A recent study found that the average US consumer spends nearly 2 hrs and 45 min on a mobile device every day, with 86 percent of that time spent in mobile apps – a clear indication of how mobile devices and apps have completely transformed the way we access the web. Mobile apps are now able to deliver content, facilitate social networking, provide a gaming or shopping experience, and so many other tasks and activities unimaginable just five years ago.

But despite the many impressive advances the mobile industry has made, the technological architecture of mobile apps creates a few challenges. Most notably, apps are not inherently designed with the linkability that we take for granted on the World Wide Web (i.e. the Web is designed to allow any page on any website to link to any other page).

The absence of Web-style linkability forces users to accept a difficult user experience. Meanwhile, marketers promoting apps and other products are constrained by conversion paths filled with unnecessary friction. Fortunately, technology known as “deep linking” is beginning to transform the mobile ecosystem by enabling apps to connect via clickable links.deeplinking

Currently only 22% of the top 200 apps take advantage of deep linking technology. In an effort to create a better mobile experience and to educate app developers and marketers unfamiliar with the concept, we partnered with industry experts URX to co-author a white paper on deep linking.

The white paper provides a clear overview of deep linking, including technological requirements and strategies marketers can utilize to take full advantage of the technology.

You can download a free copy of the white paper here:
Deeplinking: A Fundamental Change in the Mobile App Ecosystem

TUNE recently presented a live webinar with Lucas Brown, co-founder and CPO of TUNE, and John Milinovich, co-founder and CEO of URX, which covered deep linking in great depth. You can access the slides and watch the full video presentation below:

Full Video Presentation

Based upon the interest this webinar generated and feedback from attendees, it is clear that widespread use of deep linking is inevitable and the savviest mobile marketers are eager to be ahead of the curve. URX offers an excellent newsletter that can help you stay abreast of the latest developments in deep linking. You can sign up to receive the newsletter here: URX Newsletter.


Andrew Hansen

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