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TUNE Integrates with AppsFlyer’s OneLink for Universal Links

Josh Todd

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Universal links provide the best possible experience for mobile users of your product or service. They give you the ability to link directly into your mobile app if the user has it installed, the web if they don’t, or even defer deep linking until after the user installs the app. All of this goodness does take a bit of work to set up, but thankfully things are now much easier since TUNE is integrated with AppsFlyer’s OneLink

Without diving too deep into the technical details (you can read our help article for that), the crux of the issue is the redirect. Most networks and partner marketing platforms utilize a click redirect URL as part of the tracking process, but that does not play nice with universal links. On iOS specifically, the universal link domain must remain constant for the mobile device to properly open the app at click time. 

So, how do you keep measuring the clicks and conversions from your partners without redirecting the end users through a different domain? Server-side clicks to the rescue! Once AppsFlyer is selected as the universal link platform for your offer in TUNE, your partners will be able to generate an AppsFlyer OneLink automatically from the TUNE Partner Interface. The OneLink will have some special parameters appended that tell AppsFlyer to send TUNE a server-side click when a user clicks the OneLink, and the rest is business-as-usual. 

We can’t wait to see what kind of partnerships this new integration will enable! 

Did you know TUNE also integrates with AppsFlyer’s Aggregated Advanced Privacy framework? Read our blog post for more information, or email us your questions at [email protected].

Josh Todd

Josh Todd, TUNE's VP of Product, is an innovative product management leader with 12 years of experience in the partner marketing industry. Prior to TUNE, Josh ran an early mobile-focused affiliate network, wrote a marketing blog, and generated thousands of leads for advertisers via targeted media buys.

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