HasOffers Now Supports View-through Attribution for TUNE Attribution Analytics Marketers

Becky Doles

Advertising attribution can be tricky to measure with many questioning if they are actually giving credit to the right source. This is especially true when a consumer sees an ad and doesn’t click on it, but converts later — either on their own or by clicking on another ad. Normally, when this happens it’s counted as an organic conversion or credit is given to the last ad that the customer viewed. The HasOffers team understands the complexities of attribution and the importance of getting it right. That’s why we’ve just made it a little easier for you.

Today, we released a feature called “view-through attribution.” View-through attribution is what happens when a consumer views an ad, doesn’t convert immediately by clicking on that ad, but completes the conversion shortly after. Because the timing was so close, the odds that the consumer was influenced by seeing the advertisement are fairly high. View-through attribution allows you to properly attribute organic conversions and gain insights into the effectiveness of your impressions. Now, when a consumer views an ad and converts later on their own, you can give credit where credit is due.

Need an example? Okay, here goes it:Clash-of-Cats-Blog

Imagine a consumer named Seymour Kittens is reading his favorite blog about cats on his iPhone. The blog happens to feature a banner ad at the top for a super-fun cat game called Cat Crusaders. Seymour doesn’t click on the ad, but a couple days later Seymour has some free time and decides he’d like to download the game (likely because he remembered the ad from earlier). So, he goes to the App Store and types “Cat Crusaders” into the search and downloads the game. Normally in this scenario, the publisher wouldn’t get any credit for that sale because Seymour never clicked the ad. But with the power of view-through attribution, the publisher can receive full or partial credit depending on the configuration.

How does HasOffers view-through attribution work?
View-through attribution supports HasOffers networks working with TUNE Attribution Analytics marketers. You’ll need to talk with your advertising partners and have them get TUNE Links from Attribution Analytics. Once you have the TUNE Links needed for your offers, create an offer using one of those TUNE Links and check the Optimize TMC Redirect box:

See our article on working with Attribution Analytics for integrating with an Attribution Analytics advertiser.

The publisher then generates an impression pixel by going to the offer’s page in the publisher interface. HasOffers automatically notifies Attribution Analytics of all impressions occurring on the offer. Attribution Analytics in turn uses that data, along with the attribution windows defined, to give credit to partners for view-through attributions.

TUNE Certified Partner Program
Tracking view-through attribution is one of the requirements for a partner to become a member of our TUNE Certified Partner Program. Are you working with TUNE Attribution Analytics marketers? Ready to enable view-through attribution? If so, contact your Account Manager today to get setup.

Want more information? Read our support documentation.

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