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Follow the Leader: TUNE Recognized in G2’s Grid Reports for Spring 2021

Josh Todd

TUNE Recognized in G2's Grid Reports for Spring 2021

The streak continues! Spring 2021 marks the fifth consecutive quarter TUNE has been recognized as a Leader in G2’s Grid® Reports for Affiliate Marketing Software and Attribution Software.

To qualify for inclusion on a G2 Grid®, technology solutions must meet a set of technical requirements and have at least 10 reviews from G2 users. Each solution is ranked by customer satisfaction and market presence to determine its placement in one of four quadrants: Leader, High Performing, Contender, or Niche. 

Products shown in the Leader quadrant of a G2 Grid® Report have received high customer satisfaction ratings and significant scores in market presence.

G2 Badge Leader Spring 2021

Spring 2021 Awards

For Spring 2021, TUNE has earned recognition as a leader in seven categories:

Leader | Grid® Report for Affiliate Marketing Software
To be included in the Affiliate Marketing category, a product must: 

  • Offer a platform for advertisers to manage affiliate campaigns
  • Include affiliate tracking capabilities

Leader | Grid® Report for Attribution Software
To be included in the Attribution category, a product must: 

  • Track multiple marketing and communication channels (TV, social media, phone, email, digital advertising channels, etc) and capture data on the interactions between the company and its prospects or customers.
  • Use multiple attribution models like single touch attribution (when all attribution is assigned to only one event), fractional attribution (to include multiple events in the attribution, with equal or differents weights), or algorithmic attribution (which uses data science for advanced attribution criteria and models).
  • Provide dashboards and visualizations for users to understand which activities performed better and why. The analysis should be based on relevant historical data and user-defined key performance indicators.
  • Integrate with software solutions used by sales, marketing, or public relations departments, like CRM, email tracking, demand generation, or sales analytics.

Leader | Small-Business Grid® Report for Attribution Software
Products in the Small-Business Attribution category must meet the same requirements as above. 

Highest User Adoption
The Highest User Adoption product in the Implementation Index earned the highest User Adoption rating in its category.

Fastest Implementation
The Fastest Implementation product in the Implementation Index had the shortest go-live time in its category.

Best Estimated ROI
The Best Estimated ROI product in the Results Index earned the best estimated ROI rating in its category based on a combination of estimated time to achieve ROI and time to go live.

Most Implementable
The Most Implementable product in the Implementation Index earned the highest Implementation rating in its category.

TUNE's G2 Leader Badges for Spring 2021

For more on TUNE’s past awards, see our blog posts covering G2’s Winter 2021 Reports and Fall 2020 Reports

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Josh Todd

Josh Todd, TUNE's VP of Product, is an innovative product management leader with 12 years of experience in the partner marketing industry. Prior to TUNE, Josh ran an early mobile-focused affiliate network, wrote a marketing blog, and generated thousands of leads for advertisers via targeted media buys.

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