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Becky Doles

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You’ve got a lot to tackle between preparing, measuring, and optimizing your mobile marketing campaigns. Your friends at TUNE realize it can be tough to squeeze a webinar into your schedule, no matter how committed you are to staying on top of industry trends and best practices.

That’s why we’ve compiled this playlist of top webinars you may have missed. Registration grants you access to watching the webinars on your own schedule, and even pressing pause if it’s more convenient to watch in bite-size segments. Take a look at our most popular picks below, and start learning in a way that works for you.

Webinars On-Demand: Recommended for You

mobile gaming app marketing

Game On: Pro Tips and Winning Strategies for Conquering Gaming App Marketing

If you’re a gaming app marketer, you won’t want to miss this webinar. You’ll learn simple techniques to acquire new users, how to make your app stand out among other mobile games, effective ways to engage and re-engage your audience, and best practices for monetizing your mobile gaming app. The best part? Your teachers will be masters of gaming app marketing who have ascended to the top of the ranks themselves: Christian Calderon, Chief Revenue Officer of Ketchapp; Greg Dale, Product Marketing Manager at Chartboost; and Tim O’Neil, Global Head of Mobile Gaming at TUNE.


mobile ad blocking limit ad tracking

Immobilized: Is Mobile Ad Blocking the End of Mobile Marketing?

Marketers everywhere are scrambling to understand why ad blocking is on the rise and what can be done about it, with more than 70% of mobile users either blocking ads or interested in doing so. Watch this webinar to get ahead of the trend. Find out everything you need to know about ad blocking and limit ad tracking, how your campaigns could be impacted, the demographic breakdown of who is installing ad blockers and why, and how this trend could revolutionize the industry. This candid discussion is led by experts on every side of the ad blocking industry: Tom Goodwin, SVP of Strategy and Innovation at Havas Media; Roi Carthy, Chief Marketing Officer at Shine; and Steve Chester, Director of Data & Industry Programs at the UK Internet Advertising Bureau.


mobile marketing funnel

Deconstructing the Mobile Marketing Funnel

What separates average marketers from proficient mobile marketers is a keen ability to grasp the differences between the traditional marketing funnel and the mobile marketing funnel. Master the differences in this enlightening webinar, featuring Vivian Chang, Senior Manager of Digital Marketing at RetailMeNot, and Ian Sefferman, General Manager of TUNE Marketing Console. You’ll learn how the traditional marketing funnel compares to the mobile funnel; actionable ways to optimize discovery, conversion, engagement and retention; and strategies to increase the volume and value of your app users.


mobile data

Leverage Data to Improve Customer Engagement Across the Mobile Ecosystem

The good news: consumers voluntarily create more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data each day. The bad news: it’s not going to make sense of itself for you. Turn this challenge into your advantage by learning how to leverage consumer data to create more targeted, personalized, and relevant mobile marketing campaigns. Michael Brooks, Global Director of App Advertising at AOL/Verizon; Chris O’Hara, Global Data Strategy and Agency Lead at Krux Digital; and Kelly Mullins, Head of Programmatic Partnerships at TUNE, will walk you through what sources of data are available and how to capture it, what to look for when analyzing data, and how to optimize data from desktops screens to mobile devices.


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Can’t wait for our next release? Don’t worry about waiting an entire season for a new episode; we feature at least one new groundbreaking webinar a month. You can register to see our next live webinar or sign yourself up to view it on-demand like the ones above.

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