Mobile Minute 1: Mobile Ad Blocking Spikes 3X in the Last 3 Months

John Koetsier


Welcome to TUNE’s inaugural Mobile Minute! In this episode: mobile ad-blocking is growing fast. How fast? Hit the play button to find out.

What is TUNE’s Mobile Minute?

Well, it’s no secret that video is exploding on mobile and social. We’re now watching 100 million hours of video daily on Facebook and eight billion videos daily on Snapchat. That doesn’t even take into account YouTube, which — although being challenged for video leadership — still dwarfs both of them in hours of engagement. (This sounds like a subject for a future Mobile Minute.)

TUNE mobile minuteSo we’re doing regular video updates for marketing professionals who care about mobile. We’ll highlight recent research, share insights from the 2.2 billion devices TUNE’s technology touches, interview smart industry leaders. In doing so, we have one single goal: make you smarter, faster, about everything mobile.

Make Sure You See Them All

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Enjoy, and please give us feedback below in the comments, or on those social networks. We’re just starting out, so we’re probably doing lots right now that we’ll look back at in four months and laugh at. You can help make us smarter, quicker, too. (Oh, and if you have a content suggestion or question, add it to the comments as well, or ping me on Twitter.)

Next TUNE Mobile Minute: why the growth of ad blocking app downloads doesn’t matter as much as we might think.

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John Koetsier

Before acting as a mobile economist for TUNE, John built the VB Insight research team at VentureBeat and managed teams creating software for partners like Intel and Disney. In addition, he led technical teams, built social sites and mobile apps, and consulted on mobile, social, and IoT. In 2014, he was named to Folio's top 100 of the media industry's "most innovative entrepreneurs and market shaker-uppers." John lives in British Columbia, Canada with his family, where he coaches baseball and hockey, though not at the same time.