4 Reasons You Can’t (and Shouldn’t) Live Without View-through Attribution [White Paper]

Becky Doles

If you’re in the business of advertising, the name of the game is performance optimization pure and simple. Successfully, and let’s not forget efficiently, optimizing your campaign performance requires two very important things – implementing effective campaign methods and gaining a holistic understanding of the resulting performance. Not rocket science, right?

But, what if we said that you could significantly improve both your campaign effectiveness and complete performance understanding by leveraging view-through (a.k.a. impression) attribution?

What is view-through attribution? Whereas click-through attribution matches a conversion to a user’s click on an ad (as seen in User Path 1 below), view-through attribution matches a conversion to a user viewing an ad (as seen in User Path 2 below).

View-through attribution

Perhaps you’ve already heard about view-through/impressions before and simply aren’t sure about the benefits of measuring impressions. Or maybe it’s a completely foreign concept. Either way, we think it’s well worth your while to at least learn about the multiple ways view-through attribution can provide a complete performance optimization experience.

In fact, we think that view-through attribution is so awesome that we can’t keep ourselves from spreading the word. We’ve created an informative white paper discussing four key reasons why understanding view-through attribution is essential to optimizing your campaigns. You can download the free white paper here:

Four reasons you can’t (and shouldn’t) live without view-through attribution

White paper - view-through attribution
We are also planning a webinar where the value and role of view-through attribution will be discussed in more depth by TUNE’s Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder, Lucas Brown, and Vungle’s Project Manager, David Gregson. The webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, May 20 at 10:00am (PDT).


Register for the webinar here:

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Becky Doles

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