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Knocking performance out of the park

Justin Huerter

Sometimes performance marketing trends are better explained at the ballpark, over hot dogs and sunflower seeds. On Tuesday, April 18, HasOffers hosted a networking meetup at Dodger Stadium for experts in the industry. The meetup consisted of a fun baseball terminology competition, conversations around key industry trends, and — of course — watching America’s favorite pastime, Major League Baseball.

Industry trends through a baseball lens

Before the first pitch, Brett Olson from HasOffers shared some key industry trends to be aware of and how to confront them. The presentation included four trends: tracking and leveraging post conversions in apps and mobile web; working with advertisers to stop fraud; using influencer marketing to increase conversions; and automated, real-time data streaming. Being an expert in performance marketing (and a baseball guru), Brett expressed the importance of these four trends with interesting and relevant baseball analogies plus pro tips on how to confront them.

Pro Tip 1: Measure your campaign performance from first hit, to home run, and all the bases in between

Pro Tip 2: Dodge(r) Fraud

Pro Tip 3: Bring out your designated hitter: use influencer marketing

Pro Tip 4: Hit the cycle: Use automation to optimize your campaign performance and power your own technology!

Each analogy sparked a new conversation that everyone could relate to. People shared how they were “stepping up to the plate” and addressing one trend, or “striking out” on another and sharing their learnings with the group. Conversations continued to grow as the game went on, resulting in a 3-4 win by the Rockies and a grand slam experience for HasOffers and friends!

Big thanks to everyone who attended and shared their experiences!

Join us at the ballpark in Denver

Come join the HasOffers team on May 11 for another meetup in Denver to learn the latest trends to add to your marketing playbook, root for the Rockies, and eat all the Cracker Jacks you can in nine exciting innings!

Reach out to [email protected] for details on how to enroll or check out our event page to learn more.

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Justin Huerter

Justin is a product marketer for TUNE. Prior to TUNE, Justin spent most his time keeping the world talking by owning product marketing for different Microsoft and AOL communication platforms (Skype, Outlook, AOL email, Alto, and Kanvas). A semi-true Washingtonian (born and lived in Pasadena for a hot second), he loves escaping the concrete jungle and exploring nature. You can often find him trying to stay warm on a mountain peak or fighting to stay above water on a lake.