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Spotlight On: Marc Hale, App Re-Engagement Sales Lead for Twitter

Becky Doles

This is an exclusive Q&A with Marc Hale, App Re-engagement Sales Lead for Twitter (TapCommerce). He is scheduled to be a panelist at

Q: Why is mobile app re-engagement important, and how should strategies for user acquisition and retention complement each other?

Having a strategy in place for user engagement is necessary for driving incremental revenue and scaling your app. Today, marketers are taking a more holistic view where acquisition and retention work hand-in-hand to strengthen users’ lifetime value.

App marketers need to find effective organic and paid channels to reach the right audiences and drive high-quality installs, but they also have to think “beyond the install” about how to keep users coming back to complete in-app actions—whether it’s to make a purchase, book a flight, or play another round of a game.

Q: What should mobile marketers consider before getting started with in-app retargeting?

Before diving into mobile retargeting, first take a look at the current stage of your app’s development. Do you have a substantial user base to be able to segment and reach across other apps? Are you measuring key in-app events that tie with how you ultimately determine the success of your app? Do you have deeplinking in place to allow you to drive users back to a certain page within your app?

Mobile measurement and attribution is crucial. The more you can understand about your app audience, the better you’ll be able to reach them with relevant, personalized messaging, and effectively measure the impact of your mobile marketing campaigns.

Q: What advice do you have for marketers who are planning to launch their first re-engagement campaign?

Define your goal for re-engagement and outline how you will measure success. This way, your advertising partners will be able to continually optimize and scale your campaigns to achieve your goal.

Q: What are you most looking forward to at #Postback15?

Great people, content, and cocktails on a boat!

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