Video Testimonial: American Well Delivers Full-Funnel Results With HasOffers

Ali Kollman

American Well is a telehealth company that helps customers easily access doctors online. Tim Ming, the director of digital marketing at American Well leads the growth team for a number of insurance companies and hospital systems. Working with clients in a privacy- and security-centric industry, it’s important American Well consistently delivers transparent, full-funnel results and can count on technical expertise from TUNE’s customer success team.

Watch the full video below to learn how American Well uses HasOffers by TUNE to successfully help their clients grow while keeping their data safe.

Interested in learning how other companies are using the HasOffers platform? Hear from Chen Shalit, the director of business development at DAU-UP who gets perfect results for their clients with HasOffers.

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Ali Kollman

Ali is a content marketing manager at TUNE. She is also a manager of the TUNE House program and creator of the TUNE House Roadshow. Ali received her bachelor's degree in Communication from the University of Washington. Outside of work you can find her traveling and exploring new neighborhoods by foot with her husband and furry companion.