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How RecargaPay Became #1 Top-Up App in Brazil

Becky Doles


Company Overview

Over 80 percent of Latin American mobile consumers are using prepaid phones.1 Because a large portion of the population recharges the credits on their prepaid phones on a regular basis, RecargaPay strives to make this process as effortless as possible. With offices in Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo, RecargaPay now totals over 50 employees. The company focuses on Latin American consumers, as the region will have 20% more smartphone users than U.S. inhabitants by 2020.2 Today, RecargaPay is integrated with over 45 mobile phone networks across seven countries, and is the number one top-up app in Brazil.

Previously for consumers, adding money to their prepaid phones meant visiting a brick and mortar store and paying with cash—often times resulting in several trips per month. With apps like RecargaPay, users can complete the top-up process in a matter of seconds on their mobile devices.


When RecargaPay launched, they had an in-house publisher program to accommodate their publishers’ Web traffic. Eventually, their in-house publisher program became outdated. With their developers concentrating on the core business, that left them no resources to focus on expanding the business and driving higher volumes of mobile users. These issues inhibited the company from reaching their objectives of developing their publisher network—impacting their goal of generating over 30 percent of new users within one year. They needed a self-service platform that allowed publishers to easily access and manage campaigns in order to acquire new users for the app in Latin America at sustainable cost per acquisition values (CPA).

RecargaPay was in need of a publisher management platform and a mobile tracking solution with:

  • Simple and fast implementation.
  • A catalog of easy-to-use features that are constantly being developed and added to.
  • Technical support help accessible in their time zone.


As with any growing company, quick implementation of new software and products was crucial. Development resources are at a premium and because RecargaPay was already using Attribution Analytics (formerly MobileAppTracking) in the TUNE® Marketing Console, the integration of HasOffers was especially easy to set up.

According to Affiliate Manager Richard Fenning, “HasOffers has a reputation as being a simple, straightforward solution. These were the aspects that we were looking for when choosing a tracking solution.”

One specific HasOffers feature, the publisher billing capability, has been critical to their success. It saves them time in a process that was previously done manually, giving them the ability to successfully manage high volumes of publisher payouts with ease.


With the streamlined process of using HasOffers, RecargaPay was able to set up their publisher program and begin managing more than 200 publishers within a year. The company takes pride in having high standards for the publishers they work with to ensure that the traffic they send is of the highest quality. Fenning notes, “We only work with quality publishers and HasOffers has made it easier for us to reach these quality publishers. HasOffers has given us more exposure and it has been great to have a trusted platform.”

The HasOffers platform has allowed RecargaPay to increase their payouts, making them extremely competitive. Before using HasOffers, their payouts were 1 USD. Now, with the capability to track mobile traffic accurately and efficiently, their payouts have risen to 4 USD based on publisher volume in a tiered payout system. Because of this, they have turned their publisher program into one of the principal channels to drive user acquisition. The success of the publisher program has been great enough that Fenning said they have restructured their budget.

“We are now diverting spend from other marketing channels in order to invest more into the publisher program, because this represents a more cost efficient investment,” Fenning said.

RecargaPay, with more than 1 million customers who have completed more than 10 million top ups, is now the highest-rated top-up app in the Google Play store, with an average rating of 4.6 out of 5, boasting more than 82,000 reviews. For RecargaPay, HasOffers has been a vital asset in building up their publisher network—saving them time and resources, while allowing them to focus on growing their business.


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Becky Doles

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