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The mobile analytics platform that Napster trusts when there’s no room for error

Becky Doles

mobile analytics platform

How do you transition from 100% desktop acquisition to mobile acquisition within a few years, and do so without risking your business? If you’re the music streaming service Napster, you choose the right mobile analytics platform for the job.

Napster faced this and several other hurdles they couldn’t afford to miss the mark on. As a global company streaming millions of songs in 34 countries worldwide, they’ve sustained themselves through more than a decade in the highly competitive music industry. They’ve had to maintain profitability with low business margins, so every single customer counts. A few years ago, they shifted their customer acquisition focus to entirely mobile, and since then they’ve analyzed every trial, subscriber, end-to-end user lifecycle, and the profitability of each acquisition channel.

They’ve done it through the TUNE Marketing Console, leveraging Attribution Analytics, App Store Analytics, and Marketing Intelligence.

“We’re able to measure from install to subscription, and then all the way to the end of the subscription — the lifecycle of the user. We’re able to also analyze the profitability of each channel,” said Bryan Nisperos, Director of User Acquisition at Napster. “The technology is best in class. I don’t think there’s any other software or service that compares to the TUNE Marketing Console.”

Check out a day in the life of Nisperos in the 3-minute video below, including how TUNE Marketing Console gives him peace of mind with major challenges in a competitive space, where every acquisition counts.

“The TUNE Support Team has been 100% world class compared to other attribution services. There’s no other service that’s as great as TUNE.”
– Bryan Nisperos, Director of User Acquisition, Napster

Becky Doles

Becky is the Senior Content Marketing Manager at TUNE. Before TUNE, she led a variety of marketing and communications projects at San Francisco startups. Becky received her bachelor's degree in English from Wake Forest University. After living nearly a decade in San Francisco and Seattle, she has returned to her home of Charleston, SC, where you can find her enjoying the sun and salt water with her family.

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