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TUNE into your network. Refer an engineer & receive $2,000

Becky Doles

Refer an engineer: Receive $2,000 for a successful hire

TUNE is hiring and we’re looking for engineers to join our team. Historically, nearly a third of our hires each year have been referrals – that’s a lot of people! We appreciate the ability to turn to our network and refer fantastic employees, which is why we’ve created a new opportunity for folks in the community to refer engineers. In fact, through the end of 2017, a successful engineering hire will land you $2,000

Here’s how you can participate:

Engineering life at TUNE

  • Own and deliver projects with your preferred technology choices
  • Build large scale, highly available, large throughput systems
  • Join a collaborative engineering environment
  • Work with progressive technology including: Go, Spark, Kafka, Reactjs
  • Learn more about what it’s like to be an engineer at TUNE

Geeks in the Woods: TUNE’s internal development retreat


  • A referral is only valid if TUNE has not had direct engagement with the individual in the last 180 days.
  • If your referral is hired, TUNE will contact you.
  • Payout will take place 90 days after the referrals start date.
  • The ‘referral’ is good for 180 days. If we hire the candidate more than 180 days after you refer them, there is no payout.
  • All referrals must be submitted by December 31st in order to be eligible.
  • External recruiters and agencies are not eligible to participate.

If you have any additional questions, please email [email protected]

Becky Doles

Becky is the Senior Content Marketing Manager at TUNE. Before TUNE, she led a variety of marketing and communications projects at San Francisco startups. Becky received her bachelor's degree in English from Wake Forest University. After living nearly a decade in San Francisco and Seattle, she has returned to her home of Charleston, SC, where you can find her enjoying the sun and salt water with her family.

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