Signs You Should Switch to an Automated Ad Network

Becky Doles


The market is shifting toward more automated ad networks, allowing companies to scale at a lower cost. Mobile marketers are ready for automation when they know their scale and efficiencies will be supported by their technology providers. Mobile networks have understood the benefits of automation and many have adjusted or are adjusting their businesses accordingly.

Having an automated ad network means that an ad network creates API connections with their supply and demand side partners to streamline the campaign management process. Instead of publishers and ad network managers working together to manually choose and run offers, their systems take care of it for them based on preset rules and algorithms. For example, if a publisher is running traffic to three different offers and one of the offers is outperforming the other two, an automated system could divert traffic to the higher-performing offer.

Automation Is Propelling the Industry Forward

Automation helps the mobile industry as a whole be more efficient. In mobile, demand is fluctuating at a higher pace than any other industry. There are millions of apps, with hundreds going live every day. Without automation, managing a network of thousands of offers would be impossible.

Automation helps increase eCPM’s for publishers because of faster optimization for campaigns, thus better monetization for their media. On the other side, advertisers are getting better returns on their investment because they need less budget on the learning phase as the optimization part of the campaign happens much faster. That way, the advertiser is ready to allocate more budgets and pay more for the media faster.

Yaron Tomchin, CEO of Mobupps, has found it so cost and time effective when his affiliates use his HasOffers affiliate API, that he committed to paying out those publishers who utilize the affiliate API 10% more across the board!

We asked Yaron, and Snir, COO of Songo Media for insights into what programmatic is and how it has helped them grow.

Minimize Human Error and Reduce Costs

Sweet and simple, this is the most obvious reason to automate. Some HasOffers clients have testified that they save days or even weeks each month with the automation they have built on top of the HasOffers API.

Optimize Faster

Yaron mentioned the importance of shortening the time for supply and demand partners for campaigns executed.

Yaron explains, “With the ongoing increase in the amount of apps and campaigns, more and more budgets are being passed to the mobile media and there are many new campaigns going live each day. In the past, each campaign had to be handled manually between partners, causing a lot of time-consuming work, and forced both sides to execute multiple manual insertion orders, which created human errors. With API integration, from the moment campaigns go live on our platform our media partners get them with one click from our side.”

Become More Attractive to Advertisers and Publishers

When publishers and advertisers see that you’ve put in the the time and investment into an automated network, they know working together will be faster and easier.

Yaron explained that this is because “investing one time in a deeper integration between both sides provides the option to set deeper integration and get important data about users and set our algorithms to automatically optimize the campaigns between multiple media channels according to the campaigns KPI.”

Take Care of the Basics and Think Bigger

Snir mentioned that the increased attractiveness of programmatic is that it allows for creativity when optimizing. When the mundane tasks are taken care of, you can focus on your efforts on bigger and better projects.

The Data Behind Automation

Mobupps showed huge revenue growth with automation. Their best API partners saw a 300% increase in revenues from the integration point. Their average scale in revenue is around 20-40%.

Ready to Shift?  

Mobupps and Songo Media are especially thankful for the ability to control every feature/function within HasOffers’ two-way API. TUNE allows its partners to build almost any technology around its tracking platform. By setting the market standard on ad-servers’ API tool and as a leader in the industry, TUNE unites the integration process—making it more simple.

Wise use of TUNE’s automation capabilities could help companies to maximize their strengths and achieve a competitive advantage, giving them the ability to be smarter.

Not all networks may be ready to automate. But, here are a few signs to let you know when you are ready:

  • Someone in-house can write or maintain scripts that are written for you
  • You have a server where you can host scripts
  • You see the value in an investment now for a better workflow later on

For more information on automating with HasOffers by TUNE, contact [email protected].

Becky Doles

Becky is the Senior Content Marketing Manager at TUNE. Before TUNE, she led a variety of marketing and communications projects at San Francisco startups. Becky received her bachelor's degree in English from Wake Forest University. After living nearly a decade in San Francisco and Seattle, she has returned to her home of Charleston, SC, where you can find her enjoying the sun and salt water with her family.

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