Top 10 advertising partners for video app ads

Becky Doles

At our recent conference, Postback, Senior Marketing Manager at Poshmark Esther Hwang said that one of the top things marketers can do is avoid overusing just a few channels.

“I think the main challenge that Poshmark faces — and I think a lot of other advertisers face — is finding scale outside [the Facebooks, Twitters, Pinterests, and Snapchats] that’s scalable and comes from a different source,” Hwang said. “Because after a while, the users that you hit are going to start overlapping. The more diverse you can get with your channel portfolio, the healthier it’s going to be.”

The challenge, of course, is finding those diverse channels. But that’s precisely what TUNE set out to solve with the Mobile Advertising Index. The Mobile Advertising Index allows marketers to search for advertising partners based on specific criteria, like type of partner (ad network, DSP, incentivized, etc.), pricing model (CPM, CPC, CPI, etc.), and so on.

In this series, we’re unveiling top advertising partners based on different platforms, advertising formats, regions and pricing models, so you can get a feel for what other partners are out there, and maybe even come away with a few new ideas to diversify your own media mix. Let’s get started!

The best ad networks and publishers for video ads

First up in the series are advertising partners for the search criteria of video. You’d use this criteria if you want to attract users to your app with video ads, and want to know which partners other marketers use the most. The Mobile Advertising Index filters more than 1,000 advertising networks and publishers, so you know you’re truly getting an accurate picture of the top players in the space. Here are the top 10 advertising partners that TUNE customers use most for video ads:

  1. InMobi

InMobi is a global mobile advertising and discovery platform that reaches more than 1.5 billion unique mobile devices, with more than 20,000 global advertisers. Based in India, InMobi has 22 offices across 17 countries and employs around 1,000 people worldwide. InMobi launched their video advertising platform in 2014. Their suite of video advertising formats includes interactive, vertical, native, 360-degree, opt-in and in-stream videos.

  1. AppLovin

AppLovin is an ROI-based mobile marketing automation platform that delivers relevant content to more than 1 billion users per month. Based in Palo Alto, CA, AppLovin has six offices and 90 employees worldwide. According to AppLovin’s data, consumers are three times more likely to install an app if they see an AppLovin message.

  1. Fyber

Fyber is a mobile advertising technology company that helps app developers, publishers, and advertisers execute smart ad monetization strategies across connected devices through a worldwide supply-side platform (SSP). They serve approximately 150 million unique users per month, offering mediation, exchange, user acquisition, analytics, and ad format solutions. Fyber was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Berlin, Germany, with an additional office in San Francisco, CA.

  1. Taptica

Taptica is a mobile advertising technology company that provides a mobile demand-side platform (DSP) and data management platform (DMP) for advertising agencies and brands. Taptica works with 50,000 supply and publishing partners worldwide, and 600+ brands and app customers.  Founded in 2012, Taptica is based in San Francisco, CA, with six other offices worldwide.

  1. ironSource

ironSource builds discovery, engagement, monetization and analytics tools for app developers, device manufacturers, mobile carriers, and advertisers. They allow content creators across platforms to turn their digital content into viable businesses without having to charge for them. Founded in 2011 in Tel Aviv, ironSource has eight global offices.

  1. AdColony

AdColony is a mobile video advertising and monetization platform that plays high-definition videos. Their instant-play video advertising technology delivers video ads across iOS and Android platforms, allowing brands, agencies, or app advertisers to engage audience with mobile videos. AdColony was founded in 2008 and is based in Los Angeles, CA, with six additional offices worldwide. As of 2014, AdColony operates as a subsidiary of Opera Software ASA.

  1. TapJoy

TapJoy provides a diverse suite of rewarded video and rich media ads so developers and brands leverage can acquire high-value users and generate more revenue. Their SDK is embedded in more than 15,000 mobile apps and reaches more than 520 million active users per month. Headquartered in San Francisco, TapJoy has six additional offices worldwide.

  1. Unity Ads

Unity Ads enables publishers to integrate video ads into their mobile games in a way that both increases player engagement and revenue. According to Unity Ads data, they offer the highest average revenue per user (ARPU) of any global rewarded video ad network. Unity Ads is part of Unity Technologies, which has 24 offices worldwide.

  1. Vungle

Vungle provides advertisers with creative optimization technology, targeting, and HD video ad delivery to reach and acquire high-quality users worldwide. Top publishers rely on Vungle to generate revenue with engaging video ads, with 3.5 billion video views served monthly across 975 million unique devices. Vungle is based in San Francisco with eight global offices and more than 180 employees.

  1. Chartboost

Chartboost builds technology for mobile game developers, helping them make money and build businesses with their games. Chartboost allows video game developers to create customized interstitial and video ads, promote new games, and swap traffic with one another. Chartboost is integrated into 300,000 games with 40 billion monthly game sessions and more than 1 billion monthly active players. Chartboost has offices in San Francisco and Amsterdam.

How the methodology works

You’ll notice a few columns in the top 10 graphic:

  • Adoption: The number of TUNE customers currently working with the partner
  • Install Volume: The total number of installs driven by the partner
  • Conversion Rate: The rate of clicks that converted into actual app installs

By default, the Mobile Advertising Index shows ranks based on adoption of the advertising partners from TUNE customers. The Index provides an absolute rank number for each partner, so the partner that customers use the most for video is ranked first (in this case, InMobi) and then all other partners fall in line behind them. The Mobile Advertising Index reveals data from the past 30 days. You can come back to the page day after day to get the most up to date data for these criteria.

Try it for yourself

The Mobile Advertising Index is free to use — it’s just one of the ways we’re trying to make mobile marketing better for everyone, and helping marketers and advertisers work more seamlessly together. To find your next best partnerships, go to the Mobile Advertising Index, pick your own filters, and find your right partners.

Becky Doles

Becky is the Senior Content Marketing Manager at TUNE. Before TUNE, she led a variety of marketing and communications projects at San Francisco startups. Becky received her bachelor's degree in English from Wake Forest University. After living nearly a decade in San Francisco and Seattle, she has returned to her home of Charleston, SC, where you can find her enjoying the sun and salt water with her family.

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