Introducing TUNE’s Mobile Advertising Index

Jennifer Wong

Mobile Advertising Index

As a marketer, our main goal is to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time – at scale. Since attention is diversifying across a growing number of channels, you aren’t able to just pick five advertising channels and have most of your audience covered anymore.

The largest digital advertising partners own a significant amount of the supply inventory – but what about the thousands of other advertising partners? To scale your unique reach, you have to be thoughtful with your channels to plan a strategic media mix based on your campaign goals.


By analyzing aggregate campaign data across 1000+ of our Integrated Advertising Partners of the TUNE Marketing Console, we found that marketers that drive the most conversions work with an average of 13 to 16 advertising partners per campaign.*

Marketers that are investigating ways to expand their media and scale their reach outside of the most well-known advertising partners always ask me:

  • “How do I find out about new advertising partners?”
  • “Which are the best advertising partners to work with right now to reach an APAC audience?”
  • “Who are the advertising partners that marketers are working with right now to drive traffic from video ads?

Diversifying your media mix gives you clear advantages over just working with a select few partners. 

  • Better targeting, higher campaign performance – Not all advertising partners are alike. There is a reason for the explosion of the advertising industry and the new channels popping up every day. Each advertising partner has a unique business and audience network. Tailor your goals to the expertise of individual partners … whether it’s to drive a high volume of mobile app installs, target an audience in a region with a branding campaign, or reach and convert an audience with a specific ad format. Think about the specific criteria for your target audience and goals to see better results from your campaigns.
  • Competitive advantage – If you have specific campaign goals in mind, you can research and find out which advertising partners are successful in driving those results. Every marketer tries the dominant advertising partners that are top of mind – Google, Facebook, Apple Search Ads, Twitter … But what can the next set of advertising partners add to the mix? This can be your secret competitive advantage if you know which partners reach your audience but your competitors don’t know about them and are just using the ‘Big 4’. You’ll gain access to an audience that isn’t already getting targeted by your competitors.
  • Scale – Marketers who strike success with one network often fail to diversify their campaign strategy by leveraging other advertising channels, where they may be able to replicate the same success. By using other ad partners that focus on other segments of prospects, you may also reach other segments of potential users that you are missing. Additionally, it’s critical to try both other ad networks and other types of channels to ensure you’re reaching as many people as possible, as you may exhaust your inventory by focusing on one ad network or type of channel. By diversifying the channels from which you acquire users, you will be able to reach more customers with your offers and campaigns.

With so many channels for mobile advertising, how do you choose where to focus your advertising efforts? The answer to this question depends on the goals of your campaigns.

When you are researching new advertising channels, sometimes it’s helpful to look at various ranking reports but to find out which partners are most relevant to your unique campaigns, you’ll want look at real performance data that are tailored to the metrics you want to measure. When looking at relevant data to your goals, you might find not every ad partner is the right fit for your needs.

Introducing TUNE’s Mobile Advertising Index

The Mobile Advertising Index puts the ranking power in your hands. This tool allows you to quickly discover and evaluate the best advertising partners of the moment, so you can optimize return on ad spend and scale your target audience.

  • Filter advertising partner performance across 20 criteria ranging from platform type, geolocation, payout structure, and more.
  • Get instant results from actual campaign results for over 1,000 advertising networks and publishers.



Using the Mobile Advertising Index, you can filter by the Platform type (Android and/or iOS), Ad Format (Banner, Interstitial, Video, Recommendation, and/or App-of-day), Region (Asia Pacific, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, North America, South America, South Asia, Western Asia, and/or Western Europe) and Pricing (CPM, CPC, CPI, CPA, and/or CPV). By carefully choosing your filters, the index provides more granular analysis of the KPIs for all of the advertising partners that fit the criteria selected.

Once you hit Search Now, the Mobile Advertising Index ranks partners based on the various KPIs you selected. The index automatically ranks the partners based on Client Adoption, where the partner that is used by the most number of campaigns for Attribution Analytics clients is ranked first and all other partners ranked after accordingly. So you have an absolute rank number for each partner. For example, for the criteria you choose, Chartboost might be ranked first as it has the highest client adoption and all other partners fall in line behind Chartboost. Apple Search Ads might be  ranked second because its client adoption is lower than the client adoption for Chartboost.

You can also re-rank the partners based on the other KPIs available by clicking on the Index headers. Simply choose the KPI that is the most important to you (Client Adoption, Install Volume, or Conversion Rate) and rank the partners against that KPI to see how all of the partners are performing. TUNE’s Attribution Analytics product calculates rankings every 30 days, so the data is always fresh. Check back periodically to see if partner rankings have changed, or if there are any new partners with whom you should work with based on your goals. The Index is particularly useful if you’re adding another traffic channel because it can help determine the best partner for your needs. Use the Index to compare your publishing partners, and also go “window-shopping” for prospective new ones!

“Finding new partners for quality, incremental traffic was always a major challenge. Using TUNE’s Mobile Advertising Index will go a long way in helping us quickly suss out the best new partners for any campaign.” – Mike Schmid, Marketing Director, Ember Entertainment

This is the first version of this index to give you a peek at data that is available to help you make better advertising decisions. We already have a list of future features and updates to evolve this tool to give you access to more granular insights. If you have ideas or suggestions of what you would like to see, drop them in the comments!

Curious to see the full list of integrated advertising partners that are included in the Mobile Advertising Index? This page shows a real-time list of our current ad network and publisher integrations.

Want to get more targeted? We offer more advanced filter criteria and rankings in the Integrated Partners module of the TUNE Marketing Console. Sign up for a free trial to access it at any time.

*For the top 1,000 campaigns (based on paid installs) we measured over the last 6 months marketers used an average of 13 to 16 advertising partners.
Jennifer Wong

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