TUNE Network Partner Spotlight: Paylode

Tie Davidson

TUNE Network Partner Spotlight on Paylode

Paylode is a leading customer perks platform helping companies launch and manage perks programs without the burden and expense of building one in-house. Paylode is like having an entire partnerships team in your corner. They vet and pre-negotiate thousands of perks offers from top consumer brands, and provide easy, no-code tools to save companies massive amounts of time and overhead. Perks programs increase conversion rates, retention, engagement, and satisfaction, while also unlocking a new stream of revenue for your company. Read on to find out more about this TUNE Network Partner and how their perks platform could benefit your brand.

Q: Can you give us a high-level overview of your company?  

A: Paylode is a powerful perks platform driving customer action and retention. It’s the fastest way for companies to launch, manage, and monetize a customer perks program that rewards customers who engage.

Q: What are the top ways you promote brands?  

A: Brands are invited to apply to our marketplace and if accepted, they join 1,000+ other household names and local businesses. We then work with our clients to promote right-fit perks that are exactly what their audience wants and needs. Brands can be featured in our persistent perks centers, as well as in client-specific marketing campaigns.

Q: What is the total reach of Paylode’s audience?  

A: Our clients have a total of over 23 million users in the United States and Canada (with some of our audience in Australia, South Africa, Indonesia, and Portugal). Interestingly, nine out of 10 perk redemptions are from customers who start and end their journey within the Paylode perks center, indicating that perks customers are not coupon hunters but rather shoppers and browsers.

Q: Can you share some insights about your audience and demographics?  

A: We work with a wide range of companies, but the ones that get the most value from the system are the ones who have a lot of customers and want to give them reasons to take action — whether that’s to complete a purchase, sign up, or any other action that’s valuable to your company.

Q: Which verticals perform the best with Paylode?  

A: We focus on verticals such as insurance, residential real estate, travel & hospitality, fintech, utilities, membership apps, and e-commerce. Each of these niches come with their own audience and nuances of reaching them.

Food, travel, and home furnishings offers do well with Paylode perks customers. Users browse and search from hundreds of offers and select what’s right for them. We also match offers to campaigns, to gift customers the best deal on the web in exchange for their engagement.

Q: Can you tell us about a successful campaign you’ve run in the last six months?  

A: There’s no campaign too big or too small — there are infinite ways to use perks. One hospitality brand created a perks page specifically for pickleball tournament goers, adding another way to thank audience goers with a creative bundle of deals specifically for the pickleball fans.

We’re working on an upcoming movie launch with a themed perk center for the main character’s biggest fans. Collectibles, merchandise, and movie ticket deals all promote the movie.

And though it seems small, the most impactful way we help companies is by helping their customers save, both on things they need every day and in that current moment.

For example, our residential real estate clients create move-in bundles for new tenants that can help them save hundreds on moving costs like truck rentals and cleaners, making it a little easier to settle into a new place. Our insurance clients provide auto supply deals and discounts that help their policyholders save, showing them gratitude even when it’s not renewal time.

Q: What’s something unique about Paylode?  

A: “Every single company right now is figuring out how to retain their customers while driving down costs, especially in this economic environment,” said Leo Polovets, Founding Partner at Susa Ventures. “Paylode’s approach to perks programs not only addresses the rising challenges of customer acquisition costs but also provides a seamless solution for businesses to drive deeper engagement and unlock additional revenue streams.” 

Q: Any industry trends or insights to share with brands?  

A: We live in an incentive-driven economy. Customers expect rewards and personalization in 2024. Working with Paylode means taking your customer engagement program to the next level in terms of both. Paylode is building a product based on the core value of delivering measurable impact to companies for a fraction of the cost it would take to do it in-house.

Q: Why should brands want to work with your company?  

A: The magic is where we link together brands and customers at scale, and we’re adding new and better no-code features every day to enable any marketer to run a perks campaign. We have a team of 15 industry veterans and engineers building the platform, many with a decade or more experience in the partnerships, affiliate marketing, and rewards industry.

TUNE customers who are interested in working with Paylode can request an introduction directly in the platform via TUNE Network. Questions? Click here to chat with one of our experts.

Tie Davidson

Tie Davidson is a seasoned veteran in the Affiliate Marketing space. As the Partnerships Manager at TUNE, he is committed to sharing his industry knowledge and expertise with brands, agencies, and media partners, while providing education and support for their program recruitment efforts. Tie currently resides in NYC, and spends his spare time as a local food influencer and life coach.