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Top mobile predictions from 76 influencers in 38 seconds (or less)

John Koetsier

76 top marketing influencers such as Joel Comm, Bryan Kramer, and Tamara McCleary just gave us their mobile predictions for 2017 and beyond.

But who’s got time to read 76 predictions?

You probably do, if you really, really care about mobile. But I summarized some of the top ones in a quick video featuring thoughts from Robert Scoble, Chris Messina, Joel Comm, Tamara McCleary, and Bryan Kramer:

Robert Scoble says the iPhone 8 will do mixed reality, which is somewhat like augmented reality, but here’s the difference: mixed reality puts virtual objects into real spaces that look like and interact like real objects.

66_chris-messinaChris Messina, who invented the hashtag, thinks we’re going to spend more time between our devices … on our phones, talking to Amazon’s Echo or Google’s Home, and using our wearable tech, like smartwatches, plus our laptops and mobiles. (Messina, by the way, has spoken to us before on bots and apps.) Joel Comm says m-commerce and m-payments are going to grow, and we’ll spend more money via our mobile devices.

Tamara McCleary says that mobile will be even more deeply integrated into our lives, although I don’t think she’s talking embedding them in our bodies (yet). And Bryan Kramer reminds us: if we’re not mobile first yet … we will be.

There are many, many more predictions here, and many that are worth checking out.

One I like in particular is from Douglas Karr, who says that we’re moving away from multiple smart computing devices (desktop/laptop/phone) towards just one: a phone. But the phone will connect to larger input devices (keyboards, mice) and output devices (big screens, VR glasses) when we need them:

The future is closer – when we will only have mobile devices and parked or shared displays to use them with.

Douglas Karr, Founder of the Marketing Technology Blog, CEO, Speaker, Author

The full list is here.

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John Koetsier

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