Wajam Brings Social Search to Mobile Safari

Becky Doles

Search plus your world got everyone thinking about how to integrate social into search results. Back in April, Wajam responded by creating a social search layer that provided context extending beyond Google+, allowing you to see which of your friends and followers from Facebook and Twitter were also recommending. At the time it launched, I didn’t see the point, because most of the times I want recommendations are when I’m browsing on my phone.

I just found a video on YouTube (embedded below) that suggests Wajam is about to bring this same experience to the iPhone. My question is how? If you watch the video, the experience appears to be fully integrated into Google Search and Google Maps. The map listings even appear to be sponsored results.

Wajam Google Map Integration

The way Apple sandboxes applications, adding a social layer to the Google Maps app should be impossible and Mobile Safari doesn’t have a concept of plugins or extensions the way desktop browsers do. The only thing I can think is that they use a profile the same way Tapjoy does when you sign up and configure your phone.

While I don’t normally trade rumors, the fact that this video is on the Wajam YouTube channel suggests it must be shipping soon. I’ll be first in line to try it out when they make it available.

For marketers, the potential is awesome. Wajam integrates advertising by default and previously did a deal with for price comparison results. A social layer, that offers recommendations from your friends coupled with sponsored listings could be ideal. There’s no better stamp of approval for an advertiser than having the impression shown next to a recommendation from the user’s trusted friend.

Check out the video preview of what I hope is an awesome new iPhone integration.

UPDATE 29 August 2012: It was widely reported yesterday that Wajam is adding mobile support. If you want to try it out, visit on your iPhone.

Becky Doles

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