[Product update] Come test with TUNE

Interested in having a direct hand in the evolution of TUNE products? Ever wished you could have taken a new feature for a test ride and provided your feedback BEFORE the feature went live? Well, wish no further! We’ve got a handful of new features currently in BETA and before we roll them out to … Continued

Postback Spotlight: Interview with Marc Hale, App Re-engagement Sales Lead for Twitter (TapCommerce)

@marcwilliamhale #Postback15 This is an exclusive Q&A with Marc Hale, App Re-engagement Sales Lead for Twitter (TapCommerce). He is scheduled to be a panelist at #Postback15. Q: Why is mobile app re-engagement important, and how should strategies for user acquisition and retention complement each other? Having a strategy in place for user engagement is necessary … Continued

Apple’s phantom algorithm change

If you’ve been paying attention to different forums and online communities lately, you might have noticed that there’s been a lot of chatter where app marketers have noted that they’ve seen their organic downloads drop. Accompanying this chatter, there also seems to be a lot of confusion around what the catalyst was that caused this … Continued

[Event recap] 2015 MMA London Forum

The 2015 MMA London Forum was held on Monday of this week, and it focused on mobile acceleration with first-hand accounts on how mobile has played an innovative role in the brand and consumer experience. The audience and stage was packed with brands including American Express, Google, P&G, MasterCard, Tesco, Adobe, McDonald’s, British Red Cross, … Continued

Stepping up your FIPs

Last week, Facebook held Privacy@Scale, a privacy conference with a unique focus – the end user. These days, the agenda at most privacy events is almost always focused on legal or regulatory uncertainty – will we get a privacy law in the United States? Is the proposed EU regulation ever going to get passed? To … Continued

Postback Spotlight: Interview with AppLovin’s CEO

@Applovin #Postback15 This is an exclusive Q&A with Adam Foroughi, CEO of AppLovin. Adam is scheduled to be a panelist at #Postback15. Q: In terms of user acquisition, what do you see as the biggest opportunity for marketers right now? There’s so much that can be done in terms of getting smarter about user acquisition. … Continued