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10 Most Powerful Sites for iPhone App Reviews

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Based on an analysis of app review frequency and overall site authority, the top sites to target for market-moving app reviews are:

  1. Mashableread reviews
  2. CNET iPhone Atlasread reviews
  3. TechCrunchread reviews
  4. IntoMobileread reviews
  5. Gizmodoread reviews
  6. Read/Write Webread reviews
  7. GigaOmread reviews
  8. The New York Timesread reviews
  9. All Things Dread reviews
  10. MacRumorsread reviews

This is a plot of where a number of iOS app review sites lie in the ranking of velocity and influence of app reviews.

If you missed it, here is an overview of the methodology for calculating these influence ratings.

Scott Blanksteen: Scott Blanksteen is CEO at AppStoreHQ,

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