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Expert quotes on mastering the mobile marketing funnel

Becky Doles

What do expert app marketers know about the mobile marketing funnel that makes them the best mobile marketers on the planet? Hear it straight from the pros in four quotes from mobile marketers at Twitter, Shutterfly, and Match Group. Get their top tips for targeting the right audience, when they know it’s time to shift their strategy, and which KPIs they choose to target above all else.

And, if you want an even deeper dive into the mobile marketing funnel, check out the full video from the Postback16 panel, or download the comprehensive e-book, “Deconstructing the Mobile Marketing Funnel.”

4 pro tips from marketers at Twitter, Shutterfly, and Match

On mastering app discovery

“You have to know your audience, number one. That is probably the most critical part. You can’t find who you don’t even know you’re looking for. The more you know your audience, the better you can be targeted in finding them.

“For example, in Match we break our audience up into as many different permutations as we can. By age, by gender, by different characteristics — for example, if they have children, if they live in a certain area. There are so many different dimensions that we collect in Match that allow us to segment our users by different permutations.

“So we break those up, and then we find the channels that are able to target by those parameters… It’s very important to align the right channel, to utilize the channel to the max in terms of what their targeting capabilities are versus your understanding of your audience. Then the third step is putting the right message there.”

–  James Peng, Head of Mobile Acquisition at Match Group

On keeping your mobile marketing funnel strategy current

“Before what you’re doing stops working, you’re already working on the future. A lot of times in reality when you have a kickass campaign that’s working and then all of the sudden you see it not work anymore, you’re like, ‘What are we going to do? Let’s fix it.’ I think the right answer is you’re always iterating and working on something new, because you know that it’s going to get stale, and what works today isn’t going to work tomorrow.”

–  Raquel Alexander, Director of Mobile Strategy at Shutterfly

On understanding your app users

“A lot of the data that you can get from search campaigns really gives you a strong signal of what the user is looking for and what they want to find on Twitter or whatever they’re interested in at the time. I would say for discovery, definitely looking at CTRs would be a key metric I’m looking at.”

Nick Quan, Performance Marketing Manager at Twitter

On leveraging the best KPIs

“When I think of top of funnel, there’s only one KPI that I want to spend the most time on, and that’s click-to-install conversion rate. The reason I focus on that is because click-through rate is great — it signifies you have the right creative and it’s attractive. But click-to-install, why is that so important? Because I think this is the single most leveragable component of your CPI.

“Let’s look at conversion rates for ad networks, exchanges, etc. Without the robust targeting that’s available, it can range from 0.1 to 5 percent optimistically for non-gaming. Gaming apps may achieve somewhere in the 2 to 10 percent range.

“Then let’s look at the opposite side of the spectrum: extreme targeting. If you’re able to have a very focused 1-percent lookalike audience on Facebook that’s very carved out, you may get upwards of a 40 to 60 percent click-to-install conversion rate.

“What is that? That factor of whatever it is — 40, 50, 100X — that is targeting. That is you knowing the right user and hitting the right user. That’s that leverage available in CPM. That’s your ability to pay from a $1 CPI to a $100 CPI. That’s knowing the right user and get the right value out of it. I would say that’s the KPI that I find the most important that I’m monitoring more than anything else, yet it’s one of the simplest ones.”

–  James Peng, Head of Mobile Acquisition at Match Group

Tactics and tools for every stage of the mobile marketing funnel

Hear more bookmark-worthy quotes in the full video of the Postback16 panel discussion, along with many other panel recordings on our Postback16 YouTube channel. If you want a breakdown of every stage of the mobile marketing funnel, including which KPIs and tactics you should use for each, make sure you snag our complimentary guide to deconstructing the mobile marketing funnel.

Tell us in the comments below — do you have any quotables yourself for mastering discovery, conversion, and engagement?

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