Facebook Attribution for MobileAppTracking

Dear MobileAppTracking Customers,

On Tuesday, Facebook suddenly removed HasOffers and Kontagent from the Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP) program. Please know that this was completely unexpected or we would have created a plan to communicate this to you faster.

Thank you all for your outpouring of support, praise, feedback, and ideas over the past couple of days. Our team was fortunate to be a part of the creation, launch, and success of Facebook Mobile App Install Ads, and I am very proud of that.

I want to be clear that we did not violate any privacy regulations, and there was no data leakage or inappropriate data provided to advertisers. This has been confirmed by Facebook. We first disclosed all of our data storage and deletion processes with Facebook during an audit in September. We sought clarification on certain issues and offered solutions to allow our products to work within Facebook’s terms. We believed we were working collaboratively with Facebook to comply with their requests. Regardless of their recent and sudden decision, we remain hopeful and open to working with Facebook in the future.

We understand that an enormous amount of work and investment has gone into developing your Facebook campaigns. Our number one priority is ensuring that those efforts are not lost.

How do I keep measuring Facebook performance?

1. To continue working with Facebook, we strongly recommend including the Facebook SDKs for iOS and Android in your apps by April 15th (if you have not already done so). This is the only way to ensure you can measure your Facebook campaigns moving forward.

2. You do not need to take any action in order to continue attribution for the 375+ other integrated partners on the MAT platform. Our integrations, workflows, and reliability continue to be the best in the industry.

The MAT platform is built to provide a fair, transparent, and equal opportunity for all advertisers and publishers. I hope you agree that we set a new industry standard for mobile app advertising and attribution over the past two years. We now work with over 375 advertising partners and platforms, and they grow in strength and number every day. We continue to work extremely hard to quickly create solutions for our clients. We provide responsive 24/7 customer service, the most transparent postback system, the most reliable API, and the fastest delivery of new features. If you have worked with us for very long, you have already experienced this commitment to our customers. I can’t wait to show you where we go next.

We are proactively reaching out to clients, but please contact us with questions or concerns any time.

Give us a call – 206-508-1318
Create a support ticket – support@mobileapptracking.com
Or contact your account manager directly.

Thank you again for supporting MobileAppTracking.










Peter Hamilton
CEO, MobileAppTracking & HasOffers

Peter Hamilton

Peter is CEO and Partner at TUNE. Developing his early skills as an online marketer in SEO, PPC, and Media Buying, he met the twin co-founders of TUNE in 2009 and had the opportunity to join prior to day one, leading product marketing for the company's first launch. He continues to contribute to media, white papers, analysts, and industry blogs with the goals of educating mobile marketers and making the digital marketing ecosystem more connected. Follow @peterhamilton

  • Michael Stray

    Hm, thanks for clearing this up. We might have to find an alternative solution though (at least for the time being), since the FB interface actually does not deliver sufficient KPIs to sustainably optimize our campaigns. What are your thoughts on this?

    • http://www.hasoffers.com Peter Hamilton

      I agree that the MMP program is still the best way to get user level data currently, but I also do not know where this is heading. Unfortunately, I cannot give a better recommendation than to work with Facebook’s own technology.

  • jack

    It’s useful for every one. Thank you for publishing it.

  • http://gamechangersf.com/ Phil Shpilberg

    Thank you for the explanation. I think you are handling this as best as you can. This is a big challenge not just for MAT but for the mobile industry. We need to be able to measure what we do. Your postbacks to post install analytics have made us much better performance marketers as we can see KPIs by source for the first time.

    We have not found a better attribution solution for our clients and hope you will resolve this with Facebook. We are having to answer a lot of questions about why we continue to recommend MAT, but are taking the time to explain the situation. I am sure you are doing the same many times a day.