Google Delays Third-Party Cookie Deprecation (Again) to Late 2024

Becky Doles

Google has once again delayed the deprecation of third-party cookies in Chrome
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Once again, Google has pushed back its deadline to deprecate third-party cookies in Chrome, this time until 2024.  

Google originally announced they would phase out cross-site tracking cookies in early 2022. Last year, that plan was delayed to 2023 with the introduction of Topics, which replaced FLoC as their alternative solution. On July 27, 2022, the search giant postponed again, announcing the death of the third-party cookie in Chrome has been rescheduled for the second half of 2024. (Mark your calendar.) 

Chrome’s Third-Party Cookies Will Stay … for Now 

In a blog post, Google’s VP of the Privacy Sandbox Anthony Chavez wrote that the delay was spurred on by “input from developers, publishers, marketers, and regulators” across the industry: 

“The most consistent feedback we’ve received is the need for more time to evaluate and test the new Privacy Sandbox technologies before deprecating third-party cookies in Chrome. This feedback aligns with our commitment to the CMA [the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority] to ensure that the Privacy Sandbox provides effective, privacy-preserving technologies and the industry has sufficient time to adopt these new solutions. … For these reasons, we are expanding the testing windows for the Privacy Sandbox APIs before we disable third-party cookies in Chrome.” 

– Anthony Chavez, VP of the Privacy Sandbox at Google

Google’s Updated Timeline 

It’s clear both Google and the ecosystem at large were feeling the pressure of the looming deadline. Now, both developers and the public will have more time to test the new privacy features Google has been building as part of its Privacy Sandbox initiative.  

Google's updated timeline pushes third-party cookie deprecation in Chrome back to 2024

Here’s a summary of Google’s updated timeline and what it entails:  

  1. August 2022 – Privacy Sandbox trials expand to millions of Chrome users globally (they are already available to developers for testing) 
  1. Q3 2022 through Q2 2023 – Trial populations are gradually increased  
  1. Q3 2023 – Privacy Sandbox APIs are launched and generally available in Chrome 
  1. Second half of 2024 – Third-party cookies will begin to be phased out in Chrome 

What’s Next for Partner Marketing? 

As an advertiser, the most important thing to remember is this: the death of the third-party cookie has not been cancelled — only delayed. If you are not prepared for the cookieless future, then you just caught a lucky break. But the end is still coming, and you will need a privacy-centric solution if you want to measure your marketing efforts in the years ahead. 

That’s where we come in.

The TUNE Partner Marketing Platform provides native server-side tracking solutions that allow marketers to get granular without invading anyone’s privacy. You can learn the basics about server-side tracking in our pixels vs postbacks article. For an in-depth look at this and other cookieless methods, download our guide to tracking marketing campaigns. Or simply click here to chat with us, and we’ll be happy to walk you through it. 

The death of the third-party cookie is inevitable. Now there’s just a little more time to prepare for it. 

Becky Doles

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