How to Use the HasOffers API for Your Secret Sauce

Tyler Larson

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At TUNE, we’re passionate about measuring everything and learning from the data. Aside from that, we’re also passionate about innovation and empowering our clients. We strongly promote these ideals by giving our customers full access to our two-way API.


We want to implore networks to focus on what differentiates them from the competition, support them in their vision, and give them the tools necessary to get there. With the platform we provide out of the box, our customers can use our API to import external data, build custom interfaces, and integrate third-party technologies, among many other functions.

(Not sure what an API is? Let HasOffers product manager Josh Todd tell you.)

Here’s a quick breakdown on how you can use HasOffers’ API to your advantage:

Customize Any and Every Feature

If you like using HasOffers, but wanted to change the way your publisher interface looks and functions, you could do it. You could also automate publisher approval across all offers by geographic region, or daypart when your offers are live by updating their statuses at certain times of the day. These are just a few of the many customization options you have at your fingertips with our API. Feel free to extend the functionality of the features we implement natively as well.

Build on Top of the HasOffers API

Recently, India-based Tyroo built their new exchange — One API — on top of HasOffers’ API. One API gives global networks and any ad partner the ability to automatically manage their offers and campaigns within the One API exchange.


OGMobi’s Dashboard

OGMobi, a mobile advertising network, needed a platform with an API that could support building a publisher network, custom ad units, as well as track clicks and conversions through postbacks. They accomplished this and many other unique requests they had by leveraging HasOffers’ comprehensive API.

Now, publishers are able to have an appealing and efficient experience through OGMobi’s custom dashboard.

OG Mobi Dashboard

Integrate Custom Tools You’ve Developed

If you’re interested in our two-way API, you probably have ideas about which type of integrations will benefit your company most. Our clients have completed integrations with fraud detection technologies, call tracking companies, lead generation exchanges, suppression list managers, email automation servers, and content lockers to name a few. These are just the tip of the iceberg…

Give Your Engineers a Break

AppLift CEO Tim Koschella explains that they chose HasOffers by TUNE in order to build on top the API, instead of starting from scratch. They have built many systems around the API that import and export data from the HasOffers platform.

HasOffers-API-Blog-Graphic480“Our goal was to not rebuild functionality that has already been developed or was commoditized on the market. We wanted to focus our efforts on unique features, and the HasOffers platform allowed us to build on top of the API and to use the functionality that had been developed for the key features that we needed but they were not the differentiating factors in our business model … [HasOffers by TUNE] has allowed for us to focus on the innovation part for our specific business and to develop features in our CPI network that are unique to our platform. Has allowed us to focus engineers resources where we can make a difference with our business model,” Koschella said.

OGMobi CEO Tom Voitik is on the same page. He explains, “Utilizing the API helped us build awesome monetization tools without having to write much code,” resulting in more time to focus on other aspects of the business.

The Possibilities Are Endless

The HasOffers API is extremely robust. For every feature in the platform there’s an associated API call. Many platforms only give you access to select features, but HasOffers gives clients access to everything the platform does. We think that’s pretty cool.

Not sure how to work something? Not to worry — we have documentation galore. There’s even a native query builder to create API calls on the fly. You can then export the calls you construct directly to PHP or cURL, or grab the URL it creates and test it right in your browser. Our powerful and detailed documentation gives  a low barrier of entry and easy start to the wonders of our API.

Visit our documentation here.

Did we mention we can handle a large volume of requests? Built on top of our distributed cloud-based infrastructure, the API can handle 50 calls every 10 seconds.

Want more information? Email our well versed support team at [email protected], or reach out to one of our sales engineers at [email protected].

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Tyler Larson

Tyler has been immersed in the performance marketing world since 2008, where he made his entry as a high volume social media publisher for a variety of networks. Evolving to run direct with advertisers lead him to meet the HasOffers team, where he now works as a Sales Engineer in the Seattle office. He specializes in automation and optimization of businesses using HasOffer's robust API, as well as creative solutions to problems the platform doesn't solve out of the box. Tyler has a BS in Computer Science from Pacific Lutheran University.