Identifying Scam Networks Affiliate Summit West

Peter Hamilton

At 11AM on Sunday, January 9th, our CEO, along with other Affiliate Summit West panelists will be addressing the issue of “Identifying Scam Networks.”

As an affiliate tracking software with over 6,000 customers, HasOffers has worked with just about every possible business model, some with an extremely positive impact on customers and the industry as a whole, while others are just trying to make a quick buck.  This panel discussion is designed to provide the valuable steps and criteria for establishing trusted relationship with affiliate networks.

Whether you are an affiliate, an advertiser, or even an affiliate network, your entire business is based on relationships. Why would you base those relationships on unfounded claims, too good to be true offers, fraud monitoring tools, or what seems to be a decent tracking interface?  You need to chose a network based on trust factors like the ones I mentioned in an early post – 5 Ways to Trust Affiliate Networks.  This panel will go beyond your expectations in providing practical ways to make sure you build the right partnerships, so make sure you find a seat.

Listen to our CEO, Lucas Brown talk about the panel on Affiliate Marketing Fanatics. Podcast: [download]Affiliate Marketing Fanatics Episode 45 [Listen]

A question and answer period will follow the presentations, providing time for you to ask the tough questions that are keeping you from building up the right relationships.  See the Affiliate Summit Agenda to start making plans.
Peter Hamilton

A performance marketer by background, Peter is the CEO of TUNE, the world's leading mobile marketing platform. Peter has lead the company to 9 offices around the world and nearly 300 employees, now trusted by companies like Expedia, Starbucks, Supercell, and Uber. Follow @peterhamilton