Hello, Tokyo!

Today I’m excited to announce the opening of the first Japanese office for TUNE in Tokyo! This office will provide direct, human service to marketers in Japan. Not only is it important to respond in the local language, but we want to build rich relationships with our customers and partners in Japan. In order to … Continued

Convergence of Apps and Mobile Web is Coming

Marketers and developers have been arguing about whether apps or web prevail on mobile since Steve Jobs launched the first iPhone in 2007. Google rose to power in the golden days of the web, while Apple, Facebook, and others have made inroads on the search and advertising giant in the age of the app. While … Continued

You Can Now Measure Google Search for Apps

If you’re paying attention, you read last week that Google is making it easier to find apps directly through Google Search. Consumers have been complaining forever that the search function in Google Play wasn’t strong enough, and marketers have had a hard time using Google Play as a resource for getting discovered. So it’s only … Continued

Introducing the TUNE Marketing Console

I think you’re going to love today’s announcement as much as we do :) One of the challenges of new and rapidly evolving industries like mobile is that the tools and technologies to solve problems are often fragmented and separated. For mobile marketers, this means working with many products and services just to gain a … Continued

Setting Postbacks Should be Siiimple

One of the most important parts of any attribution system is your ability to let partners know how your campaigns are performing. This reconciles your numbers, improves communication for launching and tuning campaigns, and makes troubleshooting so much better. We call the server-to-server communication that takes place between TUNE and your advertising partner or channel … Continued

Top 25 Advertising Partners – Spring 2015 Edition

In February and November 2014 we published lists of TUNE’s Top 25 Advertising Partners. We publish these lists partially to recognize partners that perform at a high level, but more importantly, to provide mobile marketers, app developers, agencies, and others in the industry with insight into which partners can help you accomplish your marketing goals. Part of … Continued

Criteo partners with TUNE for in-app measurement

Last week Criteo announced a new in-app measurement partner program, and we’re honored that TUNE is one of two partners included in the initial program. We have huge respect for both the people and technologies at Criteo, and we are eager to help marketers take advantage of the size, scale, and reach of the Criteo … Continued

$27 Million and a Whole Lotta Grit

True Grit. The best words I’ve seen on the homepage of a VC ever (iconventures.com). Certainly there is some amount of luck and timing in the game, but companies that make it to one billion and beyond have these things in common: Passion. Perseverance. Grit. They’ve excelled in crisis and delivered to their customers in … Continued

Dear TUNE, You did the impossible…

Dear TUNE, You did the impossible this year. I could never imagine one company or group of people evolving so much in one short year, but you did. From 100 employees to a team of 250, from $19 million in revenue in 2013 to over $40m in 2014, from three offices to seven offices around … Continued