Industry leaders and customers take the stage at Postback 2017

Becky Doles

During 20 keynote presentations with over 30 main stage speakers, attendees will gain valuable lessons from industry and TUNE experts, and learn how all employees – from the CEO to the digital marketing manager – can transform their businesses and stay ahead of the curve in mobile.

The main stage conversations

Being people centric and #MobileBest

MobileBest is delivering the best experience to a customer for whichever avenue they’re accessing your company. It means creating a dominating strategy across web and app. It means becoming a master of the buying cycle. It’s not enough anymore to just build a great app, or even to focus your efforts on just an optimized mobile website. Hear from this group of mobile-first marketers and enterprise marketers on how they key in on their strengths to deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

Delivering the best experience with marketing, fully connected with advertising

Having a great mobile experience that works regardless of how the customer wants to interact with your brand is the dream for every marketer, and that is going to require a smarter connection between advertising and marketing from the ads they experience, to their first engagement, and every behavior from their first purchase to their last. That customer experience occurs through various devices and platforms across the web and native apps, and there must be a way to pull it all together. Hear from brands that are connecting marketing with advertising, connecting every marketing event from attribution to engagement, to deliver the best customer experience.

Advertising fraud

Fraud is a familiar foe in the digital marketing world; many performance marketers know what it’s like to experience traffic patterns that just don’t add up, or to question whether every click really is delivering the value they’re paying for. We saw equal frustration from partners who have no way to defend their claims or who have frustration watching other partners running fraud and still getting advertising budgets. Hear the greatest challenges that are still left to be solved and how we can all help build trust in the industry.

Diversifying your media mix

As a marketer, our main goal is to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time – at scale. Since attention is diversifying across a growing number of channels, you aren’t able to just pick five advertising channels and have most of your audience covered anymore. The largest digital advertising partners own a significant amount of the supply inventory – but what about the thousands of other advertising partners? To scale your unique reach, you have to be thoughtful with your channels to plan a strategic media mix based on your campaign goals. This panel will discuss the clear advantages of diversifying your media mix.

The convergence of app and web

While apps continue to consume the lion’s share of mobile engagement, the web sits on the throne of navigation. When it comes to finding what you need, the search and linking structure of the web is superior; when it comes to unbeatable user experience, the app is king. The question is, will the web gain the high engagement and long session times that apps have today, or will apps gain the navigation that the web so elegantly provides? It’s not a debate of either/or — hear why both is the answer.

Better together, paid and organic

In the online world, marketers clearly recognize the value of both paid and organic channels, and consequently, the time and resources dedicated to each strategy has achieved a certain balance. Unfortunately, this balance seems to have been lost somewhere along the way in app marketing, and companies appear to focus more heavily on a single channel (i.e. either paid or organic). Having a strategic mix between paid and organic marketing efforts is vital to success.

The reason this strategic mix is so important is because of the unique relationship that exists between paid and organic installs. In the app world, running paid install campaigns boosts two (of the many) specific metrics that impact an app’s rank in the app store: total downloads and download velocity. With these paid campaigns, the boost to both metrics also increases the app’s ranking in the Top Charts and search, which leads to greater visibility and more organic downloads. This panel will dive into their winning strategies across paid and organic.

The power of understanding your return on ad spend

To measure return on ad spend (ROAS), marketers have typically had the hassle of dealing with multiple spreadsheets and sources in order to consolidate data on their own, or had to rely on data aggregation platforms that use unreliable and probabilistic methods to match data sets. Hear how marketers are turning to Multiverse as a much simpler way to reconcile the cost of marketing campaigns and the results collected from their web and mobile apps.

CMO Connect

The success of an organization’s mobile strategy ultimately lies with the c-suite and their leadership. Hear from a panel of CMOs as they share insights on where mobile lives within their organization, how they foster mobile talent and expertise among their staff, integrate and embrace new and changing technology platforms, optimize their media spend, and ultimately build deeper relationships with their connected consumers.

The full content agenda is published on the Postback event page

Industry leaders on the main stage

There is no open call. All our speakers are personally asked to share their ideas and advice on the main stage at Postback. This group of industry leaders and TUNE customers represent leading brands and technologies that are moving the industry forward.

  • Kellyn Kenny, Vice President of Marketing at Uber
  • Peter Hamilton, Chief Executive Officer at TUNE
  • Andre Fonseca, Vice President of Digital Marketing at The Walt Disney Studios
  • Siqi Chen, Vice President of Growth at Postmates
  • Dan Koch, Chief Technology Officer at TUNE
  • James Peng, Head of Social and Mobile at Match Group
  • Sid Jatia, Vice President of Omnichannel Digital at Under Armour
  • Kevin Krone, Chief Marketing Officer at Southwest Airlines
  • Ryan Buma, Chief Commercial Officer at TUNE
  • Amy Loesch, Vice President of Consumer Marketing at RetailMeNot
  • Ashley Yuki, Product Manager at Instagram
  • Aubrey Levy, Vice President of Marketing & Partnerships at The Score
  • Michelle Broderick, Chief Marketing Officer at Simple
  • Robert Chatwani, Chief Marketing Officer at Atlassian
  • Patrick Mccarthy, Vice President of Marketing and Partnerships at Citi
  • Ben Clark, Vice President of Customer Marketing at SeatGeek
  • Ian Sefferman, SVP of Customer Experience at TUNE
  • Will Phung, Vice President of Media at M&C Saatchi
  • Aurélie Genet, Head of Mobile Marketing at Trainline
  • Esther Hwang, Senior Marketing Manager at Poshmark
  • Jennifer Wong, Vice President of Marketing at TUNE
  • Brian Kim, Vice President of Media at Dollar Shave Club
  • Kieran Hannon, Chief Marketing Officer at Belkin
  • Amanda LaBroscian, Mobile Media Manager at Experian Consumer Services
  • Richard Ha, Mobile & Social Marketing Manager at Zillow
  • Bryan Davis, Senior Manager, Audience Marketing at The New York Times
  • Winnie Wen, Senior Manager, User Acquisition at Warner Bros Entertainment
  • Mike Schmid, Head of Marketing at Ember Entertainment
  • Jen Taylor, Director of Digital Audience Development at A+E Networks
  • Olliver Mills, Global Mobile Marketing Manager,
  • Beth Murphy, SVP Marketing at iheartmedia
  • Sissie Hsiao, Global Head of App Ads at Google
  • Jennifer Wise, Senior Analyst at Forrester
  • Nathan Coyle, Chief Executive Officer at Domino
  • Patrick Yee, Chief Executive Officer at Laird + Partners
  • Janae McDonough, Vice President, MoPub at Twitter
  • Miha Mikek, Chief Executive Officer at Celtra
  • Michael Katz, Chief Executive Officer at mParticle
  • Sean Ellis, Chief Executive Officer at GrowthHackers
  • Allison Schiff, Senior Editor at AdExchanger
  • Doug Zanger, Editor at The Drum
  • Stewart Rogers, Director of Marketing Technology at VentureBeat

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We limit the registration to 1,000 attendees to keep the conversation relevant. We hope everyone you meet will give you a new perspective of your world.

Becky Doles

Becky is the Senior Content Marketing Manager at TUNE. Before TUNE, she led a variety of marketing and communications projects at San Francisco startups. Becky received her bachelor's degree in English from Wake Forest University. After living nearly a decade in San Francisco and Seattle, she has returned to her home of Charleston, SC, where you can find her enjoying the sun and salt water with her family.

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