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Dan Koch

in-store events

As experienced growth marketers know, mobile measurement continues far past the point of install. Tracking conversions — registrations, in-app purchases, bookings — are essential to understanding how your mobile marketing campaigns are growing your business.  But conversion events aren’t limited to the realm of just your app. If you’re a business with a physical presence — a retailer, a travel provider, a booking service, etc. — you care about how your app and app marketing campaigns drive visits to the real-world places that matter most to you.

That’s why TUNE has partnered with Smartwhere, a leading provider of proximity marketing services, to introduce In-Store Events. Through the combined power of Smartwhere and TUNE, marketers know when their app users visit their stores, their restaurants, their venues, or even their competitors. Best of all, it’s accessible from the same Attribution Analytics reporting they already use daily.

With In-Store Events, marketers can now:

  1. Measure how often their app users visit the locations they care about.
  2. Measure which ad partners are driving the most mobile users to their locations.
  3. Determine which app users are most frequent location visitors, as well as which app users haven’t visited one of their locations recently.
  4. Get competitive intelligence on which of their mobile users have spent time at one of their competitor’s locations.
  5. Target users for re-engagement based on their visit history!

And all of this capability is available now! TUNE customers can gain access by reaching out to their account representative or TUNE Support at [email protected], where we can walk you through enabling In-Store Events within your app, selecting the locations you want to track, and how you can use that data to open a whole new world of location-enabled opportunities.

We’re thrilled to introduce this to the world alongside our partners at Smartwhere, and we’re excited to be at the forefront of proximity-enabled marketing measurement. Stay TUNE’d for more!

P.S. Check out “Navigating Location-based Mobile Marketing,” a TUNE webinar featuring Smartwhere, to learn best practices when integrating location-based marketing with campaigns.

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Dan Koch

Dan Koch is TUNE's Chief Technology Officer. Previously, he was TUNE's Director of Marketing Automation, and previous to that the Director of Engineering at Artisan. Artisan is the industry’s first mobile experience management (MEM) platform, allowing businesses to analyze, manage and enhance their existing mobile applications in real-time without writing code or resubmitting to app stores. Dan is a graduate of both the University of Pennsylvania and of the Villanova University School of Business, and built systems for Best Buy and the United States Air Force in a previous life. It's been a wild ride. Pester him on LinkedIn!