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Mobisummer, Rising Chinese Network, Grows Revenue by 100% Using HasOffers

Angela Santarossa


Company Overview

Performance-based mobile ad network, Mobisummer, is headquartered in Hong Kong with operations also in Guangzhou, China. They were founded in 2014 with a focus on providing solutions for monetization and user acquisition. Mobisummer serves as a one-stop solution with offers consisting of performance campaigns, social ads, search, and display.


Mobisummer developed an in-house tracking system to manage their network, but ultimately found that it couldn’t keep up with their rapid growth. The company experienced an unexpected (but very welcome) increase in business, which led to a shift in their priorities.

Diego Yu, Chief Operating Officer of Mobisummer said, “Maintaining a successful business structure and satisfying the needs of our advertisers, affiliates, and publishers became our top priority. With an expanding amount of offers and publishers, our most urgent need became finding a way to optimize operational costs.”

Mobisummer also had aspirations of taking their business global, and they knew that wouldn’t be possible without a well-developed and reliable tracking solution. They began comparing platforms and were introduced to HasOffers by TUNE through the recommendation of several partners.


It didn’t take long before Mobisummer found HasOffers to be the right fit. “We sought a reliable, trustworthy, and unbiased third-party tracking system to help with our growth. We chose HasOffers because of the abundant industrial resources and global recognition,” Diego recalls.

Diego explained how HasOffers enabled Mobisummer to accelerate their network. “As a mobile advertising network, we are focused on growth. Therefore, a reliable and scalable system really saves us a significant amount of trouble and resources and enables us to concentrate on expanding our business. Because HasOffers is a globally well-renowned management platform, it brings international expansion within our sight.”

Mobisummer’s top HasOffers features include:

  • Advanced Targeting — this has enabled them to boost conversion rates.
  • Standardized API Connection — saves time by giving their developers direct access to Mobisummer data that HasOffers has collected.
  • User Interface — the admin and publisher interfaces are
    intuitive and easy to learn, requiring no training costs.

Diego said, “Most importantly, we see the continuous effort and resources that TUNE pours in the Chinese market. Their dedicated team and instant support helped build our confidence in HasOffers. Mobisummer sincerely believes HasOffers is indispensable to our continued success and business growth in the future.”


The support and resources provided by HasOffers allowed Mobisummer to quickly adapt to the platform. When compared to their previous system, HasOffers greatly reduced costs and boosted the efficiency of integrating with new publishers. Diego said, “HasOffers completely fulfilled all our expectations.”

Mobisummer has experienced phenomenal results with HasOffers:

  • Only a few months after implementation, the company grew revenue by 100 percent.
  • Time and manpower spent on managing new advertisers, publishers, and offers decreased by approximately 20 percent.
  • Conversion rates increased by 20 percent.
  • In addition, they have decreased publisher fraud by 90 percent.

Impressed with the interactions he’s had with TUNE, Diego believes it’s a very trustworthy company and they “look forward to a long-term partnership with TUNE.”

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Angela Santarossa

Angela is a Senior Marketing Manager at TUNE. She received her Bachelor of Science in Journalism and minor in Marketing from Ball State University. With over 14 years of marketing experience, Angela has spent the majority of her career working in marketing communications within Seattle’s tech community. During the week, she is busy providing marketing support to TUNE's customer and partner community. On the weekend, you’ll either find her at the beach or local playground with her two kiddos.