Postback 17: Day 1 Highlights

Becky Doles


If you attended day one of Postback then you already know — what a day it was! We had a swag shack. Make-your-own bento box lunches including two of the best foods on earth, in one: poke tacos. We came ready to hit the day hard, outdrinking all past years’ coffee orders by noon. From the surprise musical performance kicking off the conference, to the surprise keynote finishing off day one sessions (keeping reading, Seattle 12s) — we had an electrifying day, better than any of the past years yet. Below is a recap of a few key highlights of the day.

1. Unveiling the Fraud Prevention Solution

Every year, we love to announce an industry gamechanger at Postback. This year, TUNE unveiled not one but two massive product releases, the first of which is the TUNE Fraud Prevention Solution, the industry’s most transparent, granular, and actionable system of tools to help marketers and their ad partners detect, handle, and prevent fraud. As TUNE Director of Product Marketing Brian Marcus explained, “The inherent problem with fraud prevention is that most third-party solutions have been built for single players, and not for the larger ecosystem. To dial down fraud successfully, it takes a village — and all sides need to truly understand the data, align incentives, and operate with a high level of transparency. Today’s third-party tools that attempt to tackle fraud do so from only one angle, with only half the picture, and often within a black box, which only exacerbates the situation.”

TUNE CEO Peter Hamilton told VentureBeat, “The problem right now is it takes 30 days before issues and challenges are noticed. By then, any suggestion of fraud becomes a caustic conversation between the marketer and partner. Why not provide that information from day one, and start having a conversation then? That’s what our tool is designed for, and why we developed it.”

To read more about our Fraud Prevention Solution, check out today’s blog post.

2. Introducing the first people-centric marketing platform: TUNE People Service

The second of the two product reveals is TUNE People Service, which gives marketers the power to chart the mobile customer journey across device, channel, and physical location. The service is meant to address a growing issue marketers face today — understanding the many actions a person takes when interacting with advertising across the web, apps, devices and in-store locations.

Peter explained, “This seems obvious, yet nearly every attribution platform and measurement partner still sits on a database that is device centric. Each row in the database is a device, and not a person. It makes pulling together the devices and platforms a person uses to engage really difficult, and it makes connecting that data to a CRM or pairing it with demographic data extremely complicated. That’s why we spent the last 18 months rebuilding our entire database architecture to support a people-centric model.

“It’s the first time there has been a marketing database like this, that is also fully integrated with advertising and attribution. It’s like if your marketing automation tool, your attribution tool, and your own customer database were already built into one system, and that system was capable of appending every new record to an existing user.” (Reach out to us for more info.)

3. Digging deep on the industry’s hottest topics with the most sought-after speakers

Marketers from brands including Uber, RetailMeNot, Under Armour,, Match, The New York Times, Poshmark, Zillow, Instagram, ReachNow, Google, Dollar Shave Club — and many others — took the main stage. They talked about their strategies for marketing across web and app, fighting fraud, diversifying media mixes, leveraging paid and organic user acquisition, measuring return on ad spend, and learning from the success of Fortune 1000 companies. Tomorrow, there’s plenty more to come; we’ll be kicking off the day talking about how to build the future marketing tech stack, ending the day with tips for growth hacking your app store presence from Apple VP of Advertising Platforms at Todd Teresi, and plenty more in between.

4. Revealing a surprise keynote: Pete Carroll of the Seattle Seahawks

Last year, our keynote was futurist Ray Kurzweil. The year before that, it was bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell. This year, we introduced a man who knows what it’s like to perform at the highest level of his profession, and is no stranger to the competition, leadership, and drive required in our industry — the head coach of the Seattle Seahawks, Pete Carroll. Peter and Pete discussed what it takes to win against fierce competition, how to masterfully grow teams, and how to keep one’s eyes on the prize.

And the fun isn’t over yet

We’re making our way from the mainstage to happy hours, dinners atop the Space Needle, and parties at MoPop. Make sure you check out our social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram) to follow all the action — and hashtag #Postback17 with your shots of the event! It’s day one, and we’re just getting started.

Becky Doles

Becky is the Senior Content Marketing Manager at TUNE. Before TUNE, she led a variety of marketing and communications projects at San Francisco startups. Becky received her bachelor's degree in English from Wake Forest University. After living nearly a decade in San Francisco and Seattle, she has returned to her home of Charleston, SC, where you can find her enjoying the sun and salt water with her family.

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