Why Proactive Affiliate Management is the Best Approach

Guest Contributor

Launching an affiliate network is a daunting task for several reason, mainly due to the work load it creates for the affiliate managers assigned to manage the affiliates of the network. Dealing with hundreds, if not thousands, of affiliate marketers of varying backgrounds creates a lot of work if handled properly. When your affiliate manager is devoted to working with your affiliates your affiliate network will grow and prosper, if they aren’t proactive it really won’t grow anywhere near like it should.

Affiliate managers need to have a varied skill set to effectively work with affiliates. Affiliate managers need to be experienced in disciplines like: HTML, SEO, paid search, social networking, site building, and article marketing…among other skill sets. Otherwise, they really aren’t managing the affiliate relationships as intensively as possible and therefore the program won’t grow like it should. Affiliate managers should be very pro-active and friendly by nature. Building the relationships with your affiliates should be the primary task affiliate managers are focused on because the closer the relationship with your affiliates the more likely they will be to produce for you. Recruiting new affiliates by seeking them out and contacting them should also be a high priority for your affiliate managers.

There are basically 3 ways to manage your affiliate network: inhouse staff, hiring an experienced affiliate manager, or hiring an outsourced affiliate management agency. All 3 can be effective if you have the right people in place to do the job

Working with affiliates of your network is a highly specialized activity and should be handled by experienced,¬†knowledgeable¬†affiliate managers, who are willing to basically dote on your affiliates and spoon feed them what ever they need to be effective. Using people to manage your affiliates without enough experience won’t be effective and therefore your affiliate network won’t grow nearly to the potential you think it will. Make sure to hire the right affiliate managers to handle your affiliate network and you will enjoy a successful, prosperous affiliate network that will grow year over year.

Guest Contributor

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