Seahawks’ Head Coach Pete Carroll coaches mobile marketers at TUNE’s Postback event

Jessica Biber

pete carroll

He may not be in mobile marketing persay, but there’s no denying Pete Carroll knows a thing or two about competition, leadership, and winning in one’s arena. Thursday afternoon, the head coach of the Seattle Seahawks sat down for a fireside with Peter Hamilton, CEO at TUNE to discuss how to perform at the highest level in one’s industry.

He talked about competition: “I don’t care about the competition… We want to focus on that which we can control. I can’t control what they’re doing; I can’t control how they think about stuff and how they operate. Plus if I do, I’m spending valuable focused time on something that I really have no factor into… We’re trying to develop the way we perform, and what we do, and what we can control to the max.”

He talked about leadership, asking the audience how many had a philosophy they could share in 25 words or less. As hands wavered, he advised, “If you want to be really good at something and you want to perform at a high level, and you want to affect the people around you to perform at a high level… then wouldn’t it help if those around you understood what it is you feel is important, what are the things you believe in, what are the things that make up your philosophy?”

He talked about pushing boundaries, noting his personal mantra is “always compete.” “It’s not about the winning or the losing part,” he clarified. “It’s a mentality about striving for what you want to become.”

He even talked about his dream for technology, saying his wish is that, “There will be a way, whether holographic or whatever, where players could play the game, but they are not the ones to get hurt.”

But our favorite quotables were those shared by members of the audience. Social media was abuzz with their favorite moments from his fireside:

Did you get to see Coach Carroll in action? Which was your favorite quotable? Tell us in the comments below.

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Jessica Biber

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