Taplinks Partners with HasOffers to Save Money For Higher Payouts

Becky Doles

Affiliates and publishers are always looking for ways to make more money. By partnering with networks that utilize smart technology, these affiliates can earn higher payouts. Buongiorno, a wholly-owned subsidiary of NTT DOCOMO, is a global leader in the development and management of paid apps and services for mobile devices; and a company that also happens to rely on HasOffers to run their programs. Buongiorno’s newly minted internal affiliate program, Taplinks, is a new way for the company to connect directly with publishers who rely on its premium offerings to monetize their digital properties.

Daniel Mori, Director of Customer Acquisition at Buongiorno, says that “HasOffers is the backbone of our internal affiliate program; by running our own program, we are able to have more control over the traffic we source, which allows us to save money by cutting out a middleman (a network), and enable us to pass some of those savings onto our affiliates in the form of higher payouts.” While most programs in the market are run by affiliate networks, Taplinks is Buongiorno’s own program – not a broker. Mori says that “by removing middlemen and brokers, we can guarantee the highest payouts to our affiliates.”

Mori says that Buongiorno chose HasOffers after evaluating several industry leading solutions and finding that “HasOffers had all the features we were looking for. I personally appreciated the intuitive user experience and thought that it set HasOffers apart from the competition. The flexibility of the pricing options was also a factor; we found a pricing tier that was just right for us. In the end, choosing HasOffers over the competition was an easy decision for us to make.” He added that he’s especially looking forward to the scalability HasOffers provides, as Buongiorno intends to leverage the traffic management tools of HasOffers to handle a large publisher base directly rather than by relying primarily on brokered traffic.

Buongiorno has big plans for the next year. Mori says he knows that “application developers are a huge, untapped market for us. We can be a solid component of the monetization strategy for Android and iPhone developers, and we look forward to using HasOffers to help with this.” The company is also looking forward to the future of mobile advertising, which notably faces a big challenge surrounding clean data. As he explains, “While the supply side struggles with monetization, the demand side will need more and cleaner data to enable programmatic buying. The buzz around location targeting has hidden many audience targeting weaknesses in the mobile space: the increasing availability of clean, cross-device audience data will eventually allow advertisers to shift marketing media as easily and seamlessly as consumers shift devices.”

As for Mori’s advice to others in the industry? He says that “in the mobile space, affiliates will benefit from targeting each carrier, and wi-fi traffic separately; user behavior is very different across mobile operators – these differences can be leveraged by advertisers and affiliates alike to improve conversion rates and EPCs.”

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Becky Doles

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