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TUNE’s Top Product Updates and Features in 2022

Cale Mooth

TUNE's Top Product Updates and Features in 2022
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The product theme for 2022 can be best described as building a solid foundation for future innovation. What that means in practical terms is new product leadership and a buildup of robust teams ready to move TUNE into its next iteration. Our goal is to help our customers meet the exciting future that partner marketing holds for all of us in 2023.  

A large part of the product initiative of 2022 has been talking with customers, understanding the challenges in front of them, and crafting a vision for TUNE for 2023 and beyond. We’ll be sharing more about this initiative in the coming months.  

While 2022 has been research-heavy with a ton of foundational work happening behind the scenes, we’ve managed to deliver a handful of improvements over the past 12 months that are worth calling out. 

One of the highest-impact changes in 2022 was giving sign-up pages an updated look and feel. In many cases, sign-up pages are the first impression people have of your partner program. Helping potential partners get through the sign-up process quickly and easily reduces drop-off and increases conversions, ultimately increasing program size and conversions. 

In addition to a modern look and feel added to sign-up and login pages, the teams have released a number of incremental improvements to help make the TUNE experience even better. Here are a few additional highlights from 2022: 

Partner and Program Management 

  • Partner counts are now visible on the Manage Partner view, giving a summary of pending partners and program size. 
  • Pending conversion stats have been surfaced on the partner dashboard, giving partners deeper insight into payout statuses.  
  • Partner Managers can approve or deny new partner sign-ups in bulk. 
  • Admins have greater insight into creative files being uploaded by partners. 
  • Responses to custom sign-up form questions are now included in the Partner Export tool. 
  • Displaying your program’s terms and conditions during the sign-up process is now optional for programs that are surfacing terms elsewhere in their onboarding flow. 
  • Expired offers are more readily apparent in the UI. 
  • Offer access requests from partners now surface the date and time that access was requested. 

Login and Security 

  • Cookie and privacy terms acceptance flow has been streamlined, reducing login friction. 
  • Login security improvements, including user lockouts after too many failed attempts, have been implemented to bolster overall security. 
  • Program Managers can now see a history of when terms and conditions were accepted by partners as well as that version of those terms. 


  • Email notification improvements for TUNE Pay, including: 
    • Automated email notifications about important account activities for advertisers. 
    • Automated email notifications about important account activities for partners. 
    • Additional control over email notifications and transparency around which emails have been sent. 
    • The addition of user-level notification settings. 
  • See this TUNE Help article for more information and updates. 
New TUNE Pay email notifications give advertisers and partners the right information at the right time.
New TUNE Pay email notifications give advertisers and partners the right information at the right time.
TUNE Pay email notification about advertiser funds being due
The new emails provide important reminders and alerts for advertisers.
TUNE Pay email notification for invoices
They also give partners more insight into the account activities that matter most to them.

Reporting and Analytics 

  • TUNE Event ID and updated browser IDs have been added as options in the Conversion Report. 
  • A standardization of report options and filters has made the reporting experience more consistent across reports. 
  • ROI and Profit Margin calculations have been added to Stats Reports, alleviating the need to calculate those values manually. 
  • Additional browser IDs have been added to the Event Tracer report. 
  • Conversion Report now shows when a conversion was modified. 
  • The conversion upload tool now supports a broader array of character options. 


With this foundation, we’re excited to bring more innovation and improvements to TUNE this year. Keep an eye on the TUNE blog for announcements about big things coming in 2023!   

To learn more about the TUNE Partner Marketing Platform, request a demo or email us at [email protected].

Cale Mooth

Cale is a Senior Product Manager for TUNE and is focused on creating the best experience possible for TUNE users. Prior to TUNE, Cale worked in the email marketing space for 8 years, building tools to help marketers better connect with their audience. Cale has a background in design earning a BFA from the University of Tennessee.

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