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Zoosk Stops Fraudulent Traffic, Boosts Organic Installs 20% [Case Study]

Anna Chatilo

Mobile Marketing Heartbreaker: Fraud

Zoosk is hard at work helping singles find the person who is just right for them. As the #1 dating app in the Apple App Store, Zoosk helps 40 million users find the right match.

But at the beginning of 2017, the marketing team wasn’t able to focus on bringing their app to as many hopeful lovebirds as possible. Fraud was an issue. Senior Marketing Manager Alfred Mai and his team were spending hours every week monitoring traffic for suspicious behavior and analyzing data to prove fraud. They had to change their marketing strategy once they noticed a strange cannibalization of organic installs when trying to scale cost-per-install campaigns. Time that should have been dedicated to growing their user acquisition efforts was instead spent monitoring and analyzing fraud.  

The Cure

A long-time TUNE customer, Zoosk became an early adopter of TUNE’s Fraud Prevention Solution. Working closely with the TUNE team, they were ultimately able to identify which marketing partners and traffic sources were driving the most fraudulent traffic.

Here were their results:

  • 20% increase in organic installs after stopping fraudulent traffic
  • More than $100k of potentially misdirected ad spend saved every month
  • 4 hours a week saved from manually analyzing and stopping fraud sources

You can download a copy of the case study for free. Want to increasing organic installs or stopping fraud? Reach out to talk to a TUNE expert.  

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Anna Chatilo

Anna is a TUNE content marketer and an MBA Candidate at the Michael G. Foster School of Business. She's also the mentoring and events manager for the TUNE House: In her spare time you can find her reading (mostly fiction and business), biking, eating the great food around Seattle and traveling.