Three Ways Mobile Advertisers Can Benefit from Machine Learning

Machine learning is one of the most hyped fields of recent times. The topic is subject to intense theoretical research, practical industrial implementations as well as a few not-so justifiable fears (most of them being about robots killing all humans). Machine learning is usually defined as “a type of artificial intelligence (AI) that provides computers … Continued

Setting Postbacks Should be Siiimple

One of the most important parts of any attribution system is your ability to let partners know how your campaigns are performing. This reconciles your numbers, improves communication for launching and tuning campaigns, and makes troubleshooting so much better. We call the server-to-server communication that takes place between TUNE and your advertising partner or channel … Continued

[Product update] New TUNE Learn & Support

TUNE isn’t just a pretty face with great products — we’ve got the product knowledge to back it up and we want to share all of that amazing knowledge with you. Hopefully you’re already taking full advantage of all our support resources, including our extensive knowledge base articles and live training webinars. If not, now … Continued

Optimizing user experience with deferred deep linking

Mobile users have largely grown accustomed to the process of clicking on an ad and being redirected to the app store to download an app. However, the user experience and paths to conversion past the install vary significantly depending on the app. Considering that the cost of a loyal user recently topped $3 and that … Continued

[Event recap] TUNE Recruiting Open House

In the war for talent acquisition, it’s imperative to share your employer story and tell it very well. The best storytellers often attract the best talent. Evolving our recruiting marketing strategy is a big focus for our team in order to attract the right people who comprise our passionate and authentic culture. Last week we … Continued

[Event recap] TUNE’s First Apps World Germany Show in Berlin

Last week, April 22-23rd, TUNE joined over 150 other exhibitors for the first ever Apps World Germany. The event was held at the CityCube in Berlin, where approximately 8,000 attendees listened in on rich content from more than 200 different speakers. Berlin is gaining momentum and recognition as a thriving hub for technology and startups, … Continued

[New white paper] 4 reasons you can’t (and shouldn’t) live without view-through attribution

If you’re in the business of advertising, the name of the game is performance optimization pure and simple. Successfully, and let’s not forget efficiently, optimizing your campaign performance requires two very important things – implementing effective campaign methods and gaining a holistic understanding of the resulting performance. Not rocket science, right? But, what if we … Continued