Data & Privacy: Conversations and Trends from Q1 2015

March is always a big month for privacy – kicking off with National Consumer Protection Week and the IAPP Global Privacy Summit in DC, along with related announcements from regulators and stakeholders on both sides of the Atlantic. During IAPP week, the conversation at many of the dinners and workshops I attended coalesced around a … Continued

Using Segmentation and Behavioral Targeting to Capture Mobile Users

For the past several years, experts have been predicting the domination of mobile Internet use. In 2014, their predictions came true as Internet traffic from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets finally overtook desktop traffic. (credit: TechCrunch) The statistics prove that mobile marketers are in the right place at the right time: 80 percent of Internet … Continued

Introducing our new app store Keyword Volume score

At TUNE, we work to combine as many different and reliable data sources as possible to give marketers the competitive edge they need when working to increase app store visibility and user acquisition. But complex data aggregation isn’t where the rubber meets the road – how we present it and help make it actionable makes … Continued

TUNE Food & Wine – Berlin, Thank You!

Last Thursday we hosted our first MobileAppTracking event in our Berlin office. In attendance were 30 friends, clients and people we respect a lot for their outstanding contribution to the industry. It was a fantastic evening! Guests enjoyed a three course menu with a selected wine pairing. The food was delicious. Personally I really loved … Continued

It’s a Wrap: LeadsCon Las Vegas 2015 Edition

I, along with other members of the HasOffers team, had the pleasure of attending and exhibiting at LeadsCon Las Vegas 2015—the industry’s definitive conference for vertical media, online lead gen and direct response marketing—earlier this month. This year’s event boasted over 3,000 attendees, 1,400 individual companies, 180 sponsors, and 100 speakers. Because of the impressive turnout, … Continued

6 lessons mobile marketers can learn from House of Cards

Season three of House of Cards went live on Netflix recently, providing 13 additional hours of evil genius and endless manipulation courtesy of Frank Underwood and his clandestine acquaintances. If you’re a hardcore fan, you’ve likely already had the chance to binge, purge, apologize to your soul, and get depressed because this “fictional drama” feels … Continued

Help us build you a better product

User Experience Research at TUNE Companies everywhere are recognizing the critical role that User Experience (UX) Research and User Centered Design play within the product development process. A strong research team can help companies quickly improve ideas, priorities, and designs before investing valuable time and resources. It’s also a great way for them to make … Continued

What is an API for anyway?

Everyone’s got an API these days. Twitter, YouTube, SoundCloud, and Evernote are just a few of the companies that have popular APIs enabling developers to create new and exciting ways to interact with their products. But from a high-level perspective, what does an API actually do? What can be done with it? The easiest way … Continued

[Product Update] Protect user data with MobileAppTracking

In today’s world we consistently hear about companies being hacked and sensitive data flying out of the proverbial door. Unfortunately, privacy isn’t an inherently sexy concept and when mentioned doesn’t result in flocking droves. But let’s face it, if your customer data is compromised you’ve got some very big and decidedly not-so-sexy problems. At TUNE, … Continued

HasOffers brings mobile marketing insights to Australia

In February, I had the pleasure of returning to my native homeland of Australia to host Global Insights: Getting the Edge on Mobile Performance Marketing, an informational luncheon and networking session attended by over 60 HasOffers clients, partners, and friends. Australia has always been an important area of focus for HasOffers. The market was early … Continued