Mobile Marketing Targeting Updates

Regardless of whether you’re running a campaign to acquire new users, re-engage existing users, or create brand awareness, the success of your mobile marketing efforts are largely dependant on ensuring your ads reach the right types of users. Taking advantage of the targeting features provided by the tools and services you use can help improve … Continued

5 Best Practices for YouTube Influencer Campaigns

Video is one of the fastest growing marketing vehicles out there. In fact, video advertising is up 41.9% this year—on target to rake in $5.96 billion as reported by eMarketer. Some of the main reasons why advertisers are putting their money in video is because they are able to reach their target market more efficiently, … Continued

Performance Marketing 101

Performance marketing is quickly becoming a key component to building a successful digital marketing program, but what does it mean and how does it work? You may find yourself asking these questions if you’re contemplating integrating performance marketing into your business. To make it as easy as possible, we broke it down to the basics. … Continued

Does COPPA Apply to Your Apps and Content?

Two recent FTC decisions remind us that with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), responsibility always starts with the content and data collection happening on the site and/or mobile app. This includes a “strict liability” standard when it comes to “knowing” whether your audience includes children under 13 years of age, thereby triggering COPPA’s … Continued

The Timing of User Acquisition Campaigns

One of the consequences of the increasingly competitive mobile app ecosystem is the rising cost of user acquisition. Although the cost of acquiring new users fluctuates, recent data shows that the year-over-year cost per install increased 44 percent for Android apps ($1.27/install) and 16 percent for iOS apps ($1.22/install). Ensuring that your ad spend is … Continued

Customer Spotlight: AdAction Interactive

With the amazing growth potential and rapid evolution of mobile technology, it’s definitely an exciting time for mobile marketers! A couple months ago, I filmed a testimonial with mobile marketing expert Brian Fox. He’s the CEO and Founder of AdAction Interactive and has worked in online and performance-based marketing for over 15 years. Brian gave … Continued

Leveraging HasOffers API Integration

Back when I first got into mobile marketing a few years ago, I could have never imagined having access to the robust API technology that we have today. As this technology has evolved, it’s become easier to use and more accessible—forever changing how we build applications. Never before have so many designers (and non-designers) had … Continued

Understanding Multi-Touch Attribution in MAT

Once upon a time, mobile advertising was like the wild west – no rules to speak of. App developers and advertisers had to install a different SDK for each advertising solution they wanted to use and rely on each one to report back the number of installs they had driven. Unfortunately, since each network or … Continued

Sustained Campaigns and the Role of ASO

Over the past few years, the romanticized narrative that creating an app is a quick-and-easy way to mega-fortune has slowly faded away. The reality is that most apps require well-executed and methodical marketing campaigns, time, and money in order to establish and grow a quality user base. Sure, there are occasional overnight viral sensations, but … Continued