New HasOffers Tracking Region for Asia

Performance marketing has exploded over the last few years in Asia. In 2014 alone, we’ve seen over 200% growth from our Asian customer base, primarily from China. Witnessing this dramatic increase first hand only reinforces our commitment to the region. Recognizing the remarkable growth potential in Asia for performance advertising, we want to be proactive … Continued

Customer Spotlight: Tyroo

I’m consistently reminded of how truly global a company we are when I connect with our clients. Back in July, I had the pleasure of speaking with Manish Vij, Founder and CEO of SVG Media—the largest Indian digital media network. He talks about the importance that HasOffers’ global footprint played in deciding on a performance … Continued

Mobile Landing Pages for Landing New Installs

The current mobile advertising model relies almost exclusively on sending users from an ad click directly to an app store. Although there is nothing inherently wrong with this process, over time this one-dimensional approach has left many mobile marketers feeling limited – particularly when it comes to having the tools necessary to create and manage … Continued

Optimizing Re-engagement Campaigns Through Split Testing

Split testing is a marketing technique used to identify and measure the influence individual campaign characteristics have on performance. The value of split testing has long been understood in web design, email marketing, and other tech disciplines, and part of what makes it appealing to mobile marketers for re-engagement is its ability to unlock incremental improvement. … Continued

Customer Spotlight: Micro Cube Digital Limited

At HasOffers, we’ve seen our Asian customer-base growing at an extraordinary rate. It’s evident that this region of the world is a driving force within the performance marketing industry. To provide some perspective into the Asian market, I spoke with Monroe Shao for our first video testimonial produced in Mandarin Chinese. She is the Business … Continued

Welcome to the TUNE Partner Portal

I couldn’t be more excited this week to release the TUNE Partner Portal. It has long been our goal to provide robust tools and support to our many MobileAppTracking partners, and it is finally a reality! As our current integrated partners know, we launched an alpha partner interface over a year ago to give our … Continued

Rich Media Ads for All!

Wish you could create your own rich media ads, but don’t know where to start? In case you missed it, we hosted a webinar yesterday with MobileAds. The presentation, A Seamless Integration for Rich Mobile Media Ad Creation, showed how simple it is to leverage the power of mobile advertising. It’s clear that mobile is … Continued

Re-Engagement Events for your App Vertical

In mobile analytics parlance, measurable user interactions within your app are known as events. Measuring events is fundamental to mobile marketing as it enables you to establish meaningful goals, understand your campaign performance, and optimize future marketing efforts. In certain types of campaigns, the goals and related events are easy to identify. But when it … Continued

How Customized Invoicing Increases Your Efficiency and Payments

As your company grows and becomes increasingly successful, you quickly recognize how difficult it can be to manage the necessary tasks associated with running your business. While you are focused on building the core function of your business, you can’t neglect the day-to-day processes, such as accounting, that ensure its lasting stability. One of the … Continued