Leveraging HasOffers API Integration

Back when I first got into mobile marketing a few years ago, I could have never imagined having access to the robust API technology that we have today. As this technology has evolved, it’s become easier to use and more accessible—forever changing how we build applications. Never before have so many designers (and non-designers) had … Continued

Understanding Multi-Touch Attribution in MAT

Once upon a time, mobile advertising was like the wild west – no rules to speak of. App developers and advertisers had to install a different SDK for each advertising solution they wanted to use and rely on each one to report back the number of installs they had driven. Unfortunately, since each network or … Continued

Sustained Campaigns and the Role of ASO

Over the past few years, the romanticized narrative that creating an app is a quick-and-easy way to mega-fortune has slowly faded away. The reality is that most apps require well-executed and methodical marketing campaigns, time, and money in order to establish and grow a quality user base. Sure, there are occasional overnight viral sensations, but … Continued

Customer Spotlight: ReviMedia

While at Postback 2014, I had the opportunity to meet and film a testimonial with COO & Co-Founder of ReviMedia, Inc., Bas Offers. During the interview, he expressed the importance and value of ReviMedia’s partnership with HasOffers. Although it’s purely coincidental that Bas’ name is similar to that of HasOffers, he enjoys the parallel and … Continued

Becoming a Part of the Camp Promise Family

Hi, I’m Chris Blanco, TUNE’s Head Chef and first-time blogger. “Head Chef” is not one of those made-up startup titles: I actually run a full kitchen here at TUNE’s Seattle Headquarters, where we serve three plus meals a day to all employees free of charge. So awesome, right? Today’s menu includes…. true cod fish tacos … Continued

Implementing Effective Burst Campaigns

Since the earliest days of mobile apps, marketers have experimented with a number of techniques and strategies in an effort to increase the visibility of their apps in app stores. Despite the basic catalog architecture, app stores have always served as a major source of user acquisition through new app discovery. The value of organic … Continued

Mobile Marketing Industry Consolidation

It’s a well-known concept that new industries are often fragmented and that consolidation tends to occur as the industry matures. Since its humble beginnings more than a decade ago, the mobile marketing industry has evolved into a flourishing ecosystem of specialized platforms, technologies, and tools. Those involved with mobile advertising have had to perpetually adjust … Continued

Customer Spotlight: YeahMobi

Our customers have some incredible success stories to share, and recently I had the pleasure of conducting a video interview with YeahMobi’s Shirley Lin, VP of Global Business Development. I’d like to highlight some of the success YeahMobi has experienced since implementing HasOffers. Founded in 2009, China-based YeahMobi is now one of the top performance … Continued