[Product Update] Test drive our new in-dash Q&A tab

You’ve got questions? Well, we’ve got answers… now provided within the MAT platform itself! While we have great customer support specialists always ready to solve your problems and a large knowledge base full of thorough articles, we understand that it can be a huge hassle to stop what you’re doing inside your MAT account to … Continued

[New white paper] The 3 basic reports every mobile marketer needs to master

Gaining meaningful insight into campaign performance is essential to successful mobile marketing. Over the past several years, significant improvement to mobile analytics and other advances in the ecosystem have enabled mobile marketers to become more data driven and analytical than ever before. However, determining which events to measure and identifying actionable patterns in large data … Continued

My first TUNEversary

Ha, this has been a fast one! One year ago I joined TUNE and took the helmet of Chief Revenue Officer. Over the past twelve months we have: Opened new offices in the US, Europe and Asia. Ramped up our client and market facing teams around the world. Rebranded our company from HasOffers to TUNE. … Continued

3 mobile app marketing faux pas and how to avoid them

Before 2007, the term “smart phone” sounded as cheesy and unimaginable as the 1999 Disney Channel original movie “Smart House.” Since then, hashtags have made their way (sometimes annoyingly) into our everyday conversations, selfie was named the 2013 word of the year, social media has taken over our lives, and evolution has resulted in a … Continued

Is there value in utilizing trending hashtags for real-time app marketing?

Promoting products through trending hashtags is a marketing strategy that has been around since roughly 2010, when trending topics first appeared on Twitter. If you follow trending hashtags with any regularity, among the jokes, memes, and other entertaining content that often accompanies these threads, you may have noticed that popular hashtags are often utilized as … Continued

GetApp achieves ultimate tracking reliability with HasOffers

Founded in 2010, GetApp is the leading independent cloud apps marketplace—helping businesses to discover, compare and review the best B2B cloud applications. Supporting millions of users every year, GetApp provides an extensive range of comprehensive tools to help customers find the right applications to fit their needs. GetApp works with over 2,800 Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and … Continued

2015: It’s a Mobile World

Mobile advertising is on the rise and quickly becoming the norm. For those of you who are still unsure whether or not to invest in mobile for your 2015 performance marketing strategy, we’ve highlighted the key trends that showcase just how big of an impact mobile is making. Questions? We’d love to chat with you … Continued

Mobile Marketing Secrets Revealed

Last week, the HasOffers team was a Bronze sponsor at Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas. It was a fantastic show, and we appreciate everyone taking the time to speak with us. As always, we enjoy meeting new faces, as well as connecting with dear friends, customers and industry peers. Also, thank you to everyone … Continued