4 strategies for effective mobile re-engagement

The mobile ecosystem has experienced something of a re-engagement renaissance over the past year. Mobile marketers have come to understand that building an active user base requires more than just user acquisition. At the same time, several influential organizations have made acquisitions or introduced tools and technologies with a clear re-engagement emphasis. This collective evolution … Continued

Product updates: demystifying cross-device attribution, deferred deeplinking, multi-lingual support

Demystifying Cross-Device Attribution As mobile and the use of multiple devices becomes more common, the ability to measure user behavior across devices has emerged as an essential requirement for marketers. TUNE’s cross-device attribution capabilities enable you to understand the user’s journey across multiple devices — from the first ad exposure to the app install — … Continued

User Insights: The Holy Grail of Mobile Advertising

As part of a fast-paced mobile advertising industry, Leadmill has witnessed first-hand the unprecedented growth of this market. Truthfully, the demand and rapid acceleration has been more than we could have ever imagined. Being on the industry forefront, we’ve been fortunate to call some of the greatest brands and media agencies in the world our … Continued

Earning the ePrivacyseal

Today we are excited to announce that we have earned the ePrivacyseal following a rigorous technical and legal review certifying that our technology platform complies with the strict standards established by German federal data protection law and EU privacy regulations. Who is eprivacy consult? eprivacy consult is an independent, consulting service that assesses digital advertising and … Continued

Demystifying cross-device attribution

What device do you use for reading the news? What about shopping, watching a TV show, or playing a game? For many people, the answers may differ for each of these questions. Sometimes, the answer is whichever device is nearby – I read the news on my phone while I’m on the bus, but I … Continued

How to Think About App Store Optimization as an Enterprise

This post is an excerpt from our 100+ page eBook, The Complete Guide to Enterprise App Marketing. Download it for free here to get even more in-depth information covering all the app marketing best practices you need to know about.  What do app store optimization (ASO), selfie, and YOLO have in common? Well, if you … Continued

Apple and Google Poised to Revive Competition for Kids Gaming Apps

This week, the news has been full of important announcements from both the Obama Administration and the private sector that touch on privacy and security. However, Apple’s announcement yesterday, that they plan to create a “Games for Kids” section of the app store, is particularly significant for mobile app developers and marketers. Google also recently … Continued

Make Privacy & Security Your 2015 Resolution

As we enter 2015, digital marketers are faced with a growing conundrum. Now more than ever, we have access to valuable data that can sharpen a campaign’s focus and provide greater insights into the products and services consumers want to buy. Drawing from this rich data pool, however, can be a dangerous exercise if you … Continued