How Beacons Drive User Interaction

This holiday season, we have witnessed a proliferation of beacons in a wide variety of settings. Retailers, shopping malls, museums, airports, hospitals and sports complexes are experimenting with, or deploying beacons for a variety of purposes. Beacons positioned near an airport security checkpoint, for example, might trigger an airline app to display a boarding pass. … Continued

Why did we integrate with HasOffers? It’s efficient, flexible and dependable.

Even though it feels like yesterday, the first time Leadmill became acquainted with HasOffers was back in 2011. At that time, HasOffers was still in its early stages—just like us. As an unconventional mobile advertising company, we were searching for a dependable platform to build our technology on top of. For us, HasOffers undoubtedly proved … Continued

InMobi partners with TUNE to provide advertisers with best-in-class, independent and accurate attribution

Whether you are promoting your app across organic and paid channels to acquire users, or running a retargeting campaign to engage with existing users, you probably understand the importance of measuring the performance of your mobile campaigns. However, measuring the performance of campaigns is hard to do without proper attribution. MobileAppTracking by TUNE provides unbiased … Continued

Comparing Attribution Analytics Platforms: MAT and GA

MobileAppTracking (MAT) by TUNE provides many levels of mobile analytics for apps, with a particular strength in attribution and reconciliation across advertising channels and partners. The purpose of attribution analytics is to definitively determine which ad click is responsible for a conversion event, and pass this data on to ad networks, third-parties, and internal business … Continued

Exciting HasOffers Product Updates!

At TUNE, innovation is in our DNA. We are serious about providing meaningful products, services and technology to our clients. And, we take the product suggestions gathered from clients into great consideration. While upholding our dedication to constant innovation and incorporating your feedback, our engineering team has been hard at work adding some powerful functionality … Continued

TUNE Receives High Marks In VentureBeat Study

Earlier this week VentureBeat (VB) released a mobile analytics industry report titled “Mobile App Analytics: What winning mobile developers use.” The in-depth study was based on data aggregated from 230 app developers whose apps have a combined total of 250 million active users, as well as SDK, ratings, and download data for over 1.8 million … Continued

Customer Spotlight: Leadmill

In a new video testimonial, Co-Founder of Leadmill—Jonas Kristensen—describes the unique way they are using HasOffers and why they have remained dedicated clients. Jonas says, “The HasOffers platform has definitely given us the freedom and flexibility to do what we want. It’s because the platform has been rock solid from the day we started. HasOffers … Continued

[New eBook] The Complete Guide to Enterprise App Marketing

If you’re an app marketer, I’m sure there’s been a time when you’ve looked at everything marketing your app will require and felt a little queasy. With so many different angles and channels, it can be daunting and hard to keep everything straight. That’s exactly why we’ve been working for months to put together The … Continued

Why We Should Care about the EU v. Google

On Thanksgiving, the EU Parliament voted to “break-up” Google – effectively separating its search advertising business from its other commercial services. While the Parliament’s vote will have no legal effect on Google, it is still significant – because of the influence it could have on the European Commission’s ongoing antitrust investigation against the company (which … Continued