Announcing Attribution for iAd on MobileAppTracking

We are proud to announce that MobileAppTracking is the first platform to support attribution for iAd with version 3.2 of the MAT SDK!

This comes in conjunction with exciting news coming from the iAd Workbench which allows anyone with an Apple ID and at least $50 of budget to participate. Through the Workbench, app developers can create campaigns, target, and now with MAT, attribute the effectiveness of iAd Campaigns. If you haven’t seen Workbench yet, you need to check it out.

Since its inception, the vision for iAd is to make ads that are beautiful and that wow the user. “It’s all about helping our developers make some money through advertising so they can keep their free apps free,” said Jobs in a video introducing iAd. “But we want to do more than that, we wanna change the quality of the advertising.”

“Providing app developers with a way to measure the performance of iAd allows major advertisers to unleash their budgets where the low visibility into the return on investment made it difficult to justify before,” said Peter Hamilton, CEO of HasOffers, “This, combined with a self serve workbench to launch and target both brand and performance campaigns, really puts iAd in a new league. We are so excited to be the earliest adopters.”

The team at iAd has done an amazing job getting attribution technology available to developers, while also providing an approach that puts user privacy first. Because this attribution touch point is at the operating system level, it is unique to the app and not even visible to the iAd team. Because iAd was designed to support developers rather than generate revenue, it has some inherently unique motives which easily align it with a high level of user privacy while not losing the value of what will likely be some of the strongest targeting and optimization available.

How do I turn on iAd Attribution?

1. First, be sure to upgrade to version 3.2 of the MAT SDK.

2. Then, all you need to do is start running a campaign directly with iAd. We will check the API provided by Apple to determine if the user was touched by an ad from iAd or not. Installs and events will automatically be attributed to iAd in our dashboard for you.

We hope you’re as excited about this as we are. Make sure to reach out to us if you have any questions or feedback.



Justin Vanning

Justin is the Director of Growth Marketing at TUNE. He focuses on brand awareness, event marketing, paid and inbound marketing strategy, customer acquisition and lead gen, and any other efforts geared towards increasing TUNE's product and brand recognition as well as attracting new potential customers.