Are Hashtags The Future of Mobile Conversions?

Mobile marketers know how difficult it can be to generate leads and drive conversions on mobile devices. With such a small screen, it can be cumbersome for users to input critical information such as mailing addresses and credit card information. However, new technology is emerging that might make this process much easier, enabling brands to … Continued

5 Fresh Mobile Advertising Strategies for 2014

Now that we’ve said goodbye to 2013 and hello to 2014, mobile marketers are beginning to think about their marketing campaigns for this new year. While many tactics are tried and true, such as in-app advertising and banner ads with mobile networks, there are several other options for your marketing strategy that could drive the … Continued

How Facebook’s Algorithm Updates Affect Marketers

Ever since Facebook launched in 2004, the social network has used an ever-evolving algorithm to place certain images, advertisements, and status updates (which can also be advertisements) in users’ News Feeds. As advertising has become an integral component of Facebook (and its revenue model), the algorithm has evolved to favor content and advertising that performs … Continued

What Advertisers Need to Know About Instagram Direct

In a move to take on other messaging apps like Snapchat, Instagram unveiled its new private photo-sharing and messaging feature called “Instagram Direct” at a press event in New York Thursday morning. The new feature enables Instagram users who follow each other to send each other private messages, which can include photos or videos. Previously, … Continued

Microsoft Works With FBI To Take Down Click-Fraud Botnet

Last week Microsoft announced it has successfully disrupted computer botnet ZeroAccess, a group of infected computers that fraudulently charged online advertisers millions of dollars. The company filed a lawsuit in Texas and won a judge’s order directing internet service providers to block all traffic to 18 internet addresses that were used to direct fraudulent activity … Continued

Drive Higher Conversions On Twitter With Tailored Audiences

Yesterday Twitter announced it has launched its new tailored audiences program, which leverages cookies to retarget users with advertisements based on their browsing activity outside of Twitter. In a blog post, the social network explained it has been beta testing this program since July and is designed for advertisers to define groups of existing and … Continued