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Case study: crobo fights fraud with HasOffers data

Justin Huerter

crobo fights fraud with HasOffers data

crobo is a mobile marketing company that specializes in user acquisition and provides solutions for apps across different verticals within the digital space. With offices in Berlin and San Francisco and more than 70 employees, crobo is all about combining pioneering startup spirit with industry experience and latest technology to deliver high-quality users.

In order to run user acquisition campaigns, crobo needed a robust tracking system. They sought one that could provide real-time data with a high level of granularity, like device or geo targeting. In order to produce the most targeted campaigns. crobo also wanted to proactively address advertising fraud, an issue they have long recognized as very serious since they became a part of the ad tech industry five years ago. In search for solutions, crobo wanted a partner that would provide them with reliable data, which could be processed through their internal tools, to identify and mitigate advertising fraud and to ensure the quality of their traffic.

Download this case study to find out how, with the help of HasOffers by TUNE, crobo:

  • Monitors 600,000+ data points for fraud protection on a weekly basis
  • Manages 1,000+ campaigns simultaneously on a daily basis
  • Generates installs from 100+ countries

crobo fights fraud with HasOffers data case study

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Justin Huerter

Justin is a product marketer for TUNE. Prior to TUNE, Justin spent most his time keeping the world talking by owning product marketing for different Microsoft and AOL communication platforms (Skype, Outlook, AOL email, Alto, and Kanvas). A semi-true Washingtonian (born and lived in Pasadena for a hot second), he loves escaping the concrete jungle and exploring nature. You can often find him trying to stay warm on a mountain peak or fighting to stay above water on a lake.

  • Rahul Menon

    Hi Justin, What data points are you referring to here on HasOffers?


    • Angela Santarossa

      Hi Rahul, thanks for your question! As you can imagine with the management of over 1,000 campaigns, crobo is reviewing MANY data points. As an example, conversion rate per hour per campaign and traffic source are being considered. They are also looking at Device User agent, as well as OS version distribution per traffic source, campaign, and country.

  • Anastasia Fisenko

    Hi Justin, quite an intriguing case study. Any chance you can delve into details – mechanism of evaluation, timeline (if it’s RT or takes several days), and data points?

    • Angela Santarossa

      Hi Anastasia, great question. In addition to the data points mentioned in the comment above, crobo pulls daily stats, as well as conversion reports that they run through their internal tools. Suspicious activity is flagged and reported to their publisher team, who then drills into the detail with the support of their ad operations team.

      • Anastasia Fisenko

        Hi Angela, I guess I had the same Q as Rahul, and thanks for your answer.