The state of the state: AppESP traffic

Ian Sefferman

Getting right into our new experiment in transparency, today I want to give a quick overview of AppESP’s distribution. The decision to open these stats up to the public was not easy. Quite frankly, there’s potential for downside on many fronts: competitors knowing exactly where we stand, giving potential partners or customers a negotiation edge, etc.

But, at the end of the day, here are the reasons we’re doing this (in no particular order):

  • We believe we’re smart people, making smart decisions that we want to share with the world. If we’re right, great. If we’re wrong, getting that out there fast will help get feedback fast.
  • We think seeing how the sausage is made will be interesting and engaging for many other entrepreneurs.
  • We’ll be discussing growing AppESP and, in doing so, will be dogfooding our developer tools. There can be no better use case or marketing.

Total Installs

Diving right in, let’s start with the total number of downloads AppESP has in Android Market:

Total installs: 19,985
Total number of ratings: 475
Average rating: 3.2

Here’s the current Installs graph from Android Market:


We use Google Analytics to measure the number of visits (and where in the app users are going). Here’s the last 30 days of visits from Google Analytics:

As you can see, both those graphs are definitely up and to the right (visits are up approximately 10x in the last 30 days; installs are up 30% in the last week). Most of this uptick is directly attributable to releasing the latest version of AppESP. Of course, the numbers are still orders of magnitudes lower than we’d like to have them, which is why we’re spending lots of time on product and engagement, which we’ll dive into soon.

Ian Sefferman: Ian is a co-founder and CTO at AppStoreHQ, the operators of AppStoreHQ, MobileDevHQ, iPhoneDevSDK, and AppESP. Previously, he worked at,

Ian Sefferman

As General Manager of the TUNE Marketing Console, Ian is responsible for building products that simplify app marketers' lives and increase their advertising performance across all channels, including paid, earned, and owned. Ian joined TUNE in 2014 through the acquisition of MobileDevHQ, the industry-leading inbound app marketing solution, where he was co-founder and CEO. MobileDevHQ was a member of the TechStars Seattle class of 2012 and Ian is still involved with TechStars as a mentor and investor. Prior to starting MobileDevHQ, Ian was a Software Engineer with on their Traffic, Personalization and Website Platform teams. A Detroit native and Seattle transplant, Ian studied Computer Science at the University of Chicago.