Robert Scoble Talks About Advertising in the Age of Context

Robert Scoble was in Seattle this week to interview interesting Pacific Northwest startups. I met up with him outside Mozcon, where he interviewed me about mobile advertising and affiliate marketing.

While he was in town, Robert also spoke at a couple of events about some of the themes in his upcoming book, The Age of Context. Robert sees the convergence of wearable devices with always-connected sensors, cloud-based databases, contextual SDKs, and a maturing in social data as the beginning of a new age of computing. In his view, the context of what you’re doing, where you’re doing it, and who you are doing it with will play a big role in the way our devices interpret the world.

Naturally, I was curious about how this new world of contextual computing will change advertising. The interview below is the result of a great conversation about the future of advertising in a context-rich world where our devices have a better understanding than we do of where we shop and which brands we like.

Peter Hamilton

Born and raised in West Texas, Peter began his early career in classical music as a trained opera singer. His travels and interests in internet content eventually lead him to explore user experience and online discovery in 2005 when he began to develop skills in online marketing from SEO and display to performance marketing. Peter met partners Lucas and Lee in 2009, which gave him an opportunity to provide a solution for marketers with a data driven product for tracking and attributing performance for advertising relationships. The original product,, was a quick success and with only founder funds the company continued to grow at 100% year over year. In November 2011, the company launched which quickly became the global leader in attributing mobile app advertising with clients like Supercell, Kayak,, Spotify, Uber, and HotelTonight, and in May 2013 TUNE raised $9.4 million from Accel Partners. Peter resides in Seattle, WA, the location of the TUNE headquarters. Follow @peterhamilton

  • Peter Hamilton

    I’m just now seeing Google Now.

    Imagine the power of context with this little gem and then slap on Google Glass.