GetAds Merges With Affiliate.com and Grows Mobile Business After Switching to HasOffers

Becky Doles

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There’s no guaranteed way to break into the performance marketing world. Success usually involves determination, innovation, and long hours. Sometimes, it comes down to blind luck (or foresight, like securing affiliate.com as a domain early in the game). But success in this industry always includes one simple thing: giving your consumers what they want.

GetAds is an established digital performance marketing agency that knows this all too well. They expanded to mobile three years ago, but realized they were missing out on new business because of their mobile tracking and traffic capabilities. Since switching to HasOffers by TUNE over a year ago, GetAds has seen mobile business skyrocket — so much so that they merged with Affiliate.com last summer.

We spoke to Patrick Avery, who transitioned from Head of Operations at GetAds to Vice President of Operations at Affiliate.com post-merger, about how he used HasOffers to grow his business and how he continues to expand today.

What problem or business need did GetAds have that led you to HasOffers by TUNE?

Patrick: To be honest with you, we were pretty limited on some capabilities before we switched over to HasOffers. We weren’t able to track AFIDs and device IDs very well. So that really eliminated some of the advertisers and direct sources that we could work with.

The mobile tracking was really what we needed to take the next step forward, to gain the mobile traffic that we needed and the support for both our publishers and advertisers.

What about HasOffers stood out compared to other affiliate tracking software companies?

The advancements on the mobile side … we’ve worked with a lot of tracking systems, and really did a lot of research. And to be honest with you, the next thing that sold me over was the support I received. I think I had more people on our industrial call than some of the other tracking companies had employees.

What are the main ongoing challenges you currently face at Affiliate.com?

You know, it’s the gambit. You have to deal with anywhere from making sure the traffic is the highest quality there is, to making sure you are getting paid by your advertisers, to making sure offers are tracking correctly. … We have a lot of traffic. We have a lot of offers that need to be tracked. Segmenting different geos and devices are pretty huge for us, and analytics with reporting.

What are some of your favorite HasOffers features?

I would say there’s two things I really like. One is being able to target devices and redirect from one device to another. And another one is the goals that you are able to segment. I could have the same campaign, where normally I used to have to set it up for each country or state, because there’s a lot of campaigns or you have to geo-target. [With HasOffers] I can set up the one campaign and use goals to segment that traffic.

What results have you seen at Affiliate.com since switching to HasOffers?

We started mobile in the last three years, and we joined HasOffers a little over a year ago. We’ve seen a huge increase [in mobile], just by [adding] the capabilities of the reporting, tracking device IDs, segmenting geos and device IDs.

I think because we use HasOffers, it’s opened up a lot of who we work with. Not only because of the API integration — especially on the mobile side, that makes it a must-have — but just because of the way the campaigns are always moving and changing.

Since switching to HasOffers, I have noticed conversion rates compared to the same campaigns on other tracking systems. I think it’s not only the ability to change in and out your redirects — you’re able to stay on top, with fresh links — you can also assign the different redirects to certain publishers. I think that’s helped to segment and keep the highest converting campaigns available.

How can HasOffers help Affiliate.com grow in the future?

I think just the ability for them [HasOffers] to keep moving forward and keeping us synced with information, so we can grow [Affiliate.com] with that. It’s nice to actually have a company [to work with]. I think that they’ve been in our office in Denver three times in the last three months, working with us to make sure that we are using the products correctly. They’re changing stuff so the products work for us correctly. So I think that’s been the biggest key: just the whole partnership working with them.

You can watch Patrick’s 3-minute video testimonial below:

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Becky Doles

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