How Onboarding and Customer Success Teams Work Together 

Emily Ersbak

How Onboarding and Customer Success Teams Work Together
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There are two fundamental areas that are critical for long-term success when signing on with a new SaaS technology: a customized onboarding experience with a dedicated product manager, and a customer success manager who is right alongside you as you further adopt the technology into your day-to-day.  

As part of our onboarding blog series, we have written about A Quick Introduction to TUNE Onboarding, How to Determine If Customized Onboarding Is Right for Your Team, and A Peek Behind the Curtain – What to Expect During Your Month of TUNE Onboarding. The below shares insights on what you can expect from your onboarding and customer success managers at TUNE. This includes a deeper dive into the role of each team member and how these teams work together to ensure you are set up for ultimate success.  

Team Overview: Who’s Who?  

Soon after the contract is finalized and signed by all parties, you will be introduced to your onboarding manager and customer success manager. Just like the onboarding team, TUNE’s Customer Success team strives to provide a tailored experience from Day 1. With more than one team member available to you, what can you expect from your onboarding manager versus your customer success manager?  

Onboarding Manager 

Your onboarding manager is the main point of contact at launch, who is introducing you to the platform through various training sessions and will be leading tracking discussions. The onboarding team will work to understand your initial goals and program expectations to ensure success for account setup.  

Support includes but is not limited to:    

  • Kick-off call  
  • Review program goals and expectations 
  • Program customization  
  • Technical setup support 
  • Training sessions based on program needs and focus areas 

Customer Success Manager (CSM) 

Your customer success manager is your primary point of contact when onboarding starts to step behind the scenes. Throughout onboarding and beyond, your CSM will answer questions, be involved in strategy discussions and will take deeper dives into the features reviewed during onboarding to ensure you are on track to hit your goals.  

Support includes but is not limited to: 

  • Program plans, including management of milestones and program optimizations 
  • New product introductions 
  • Expansion and contractual conversations 
  • Additional ad-hoc training for new employees and advanced features 
  • Industry insights 
  • Partner portfolio guidance 

Cross-Team Collaboration  

We have a proven process in place with multiple touchpoints to ensure both teams are well versed in your strategy as you complete onboarding and work to ramp up with your CSM. As such, when the onboarding team starts to take a step back, your CSM is ready for a seamless transition so that they can continue to support the forward momentum you have from onboarding.  

The Best Next Steps

If you have any questions or if you are interested in more information on how TUNE can help your business succeed, feel free to reach out to [email protected]

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Emily Ersbak

Emily is the Product Onboarding Manager at TUNE, with a background of 10+ years in digital marketing and learning and development. Emily currently resides outside of Chicago with her husband and children. In the off hours, you can find her enjoying family time, trying a new coffee recipe, and baking.