Post-Onboarding at TUNE: Supporting Long-Term Success After Your Program Launches

Emily Ersbak

Post-onboarding at TUNE: Supporting Long-term Success After Your Program Launches
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Are you currently in the onboarding process at TUNE, or are you curious what happens after the onboarding training is complete?  

Throughout the first 30 days of onboarding, we look to help brands successfully set up their affiliate marketing program by providing the fundamental training needed for launch. We often discuss diving into strategy and goals so that we can focus on the long-term success of your program. To highlight this, we will outline the focus areas we recommend your team prioritize once the onboarding sessions end.  

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Now that we have covered several checkpoints during the onboarding process, let us fast forward and talk about how we support post-onboarding and the focus areas we recommend your team work on.  

Post-Onboarding Guide to Success  

The time after a program goes live is an exciting and busy time. At the end of onboarding, you will receive an onboarding hand-off with insights into areas that should be revisited to ensure the success of your program over 90 days and beyond. Some of these highlights are: 

  • Partner Recruitment
  • Leaning Into Your CSM
  • Preparing for Partner Payments
  • Revisiting KPIs and Goals
  • Implementing Advanced Tools 

Let’s look at each of these factors in more detail. 

Partner Recruitment 

Recruiting partners into your program is critical for success. It is recommended post-onboarding to maximize the tools available to help discover and invite new partners to promote your brand. Building relationships with partners should be the top priority, and it is important to remember that relationships take time to develop and foster.  

For more information, you can head to our blog post on how to boost partner recruitment

Leaning Into Your CSM 

As the onboarding team steps behind the scenes, leaning into your customer success manager is an incredible resource to help with day-to-day questions. While your CSM is always available for questions, they are open to scheduling a monthly check-in up to three months post-onboarding if your team finds that beneficial. The goal of those sessions would be to ensure that you are on track and gain additional insight into current focus areas or any areas of support your team may need (e.g., revisiting past trainings).   

Preparing for Partner Payments  

As partners begin promoting and driving conversions through your program, your team will want to ensure everything is in place to begin paying partners. Paying partners promptly and without issues helps build trust so that they continue promoting your product or service.  

To revisit TUNE Pay account settings, see:

Revisiting KPIs and Goals  

Ensure that you are consistently revisiting your KPIs and goals that were determined by your team at launch. If you find your team is not on track, it is important to dive deeper into the data and performance to identify any performance trends or themes. Gaining feedback from your partners is always helpful to further determine the health of the program and provide you tools to further incentivize your partners to promote.  

Implementing Advanced Tools  

Once conversions are being tracked through the program, test various tools available to you like setting up automation rules (if applicable) or an ad campaign to run an A/B test on offers or links. 

Learn More 

We hope this provides some insight into how we approach post-onboarding at TUNE. If you have any questions or want to learn more, reach out to us at [email protected]

TUNE Onboarding Checklist

Download our two-page Onboarding Checklist for a quick guide through the most important steps in the launch process. Understanding our white-glove approach, including how we customize the process based on your business and goals, helps us to ensure you are set up for long-term success on the TUNE platform.

TUNE Onboarding Checklist (web)

Emily Ersbak

Emily is the Product Onboarding Manager at TUNE, with a background of 10+ years in digital marketing and learning and development. Emily currently resides outside of Chicago with her husband and children. In the off hours, you can find her enjoying family time, trying a new coffee recipe, and baking.