A Peek Behind the Curtain: What to Expect During Your Month of TUNE Onboarding

Shandi Michno

A Peek Behind the Curtains - A Month in the Life of TUNE Onboarding
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The contract has been signed on the dotted line, and your team is ready to set up your partner marketing program. As with any new technology, education is needed to understand the foundational components of the tool and take full advantage of how you can use it to optimize your launch process.  

This is where TUNE’s customized onboarding approach can help set you up for long-term success!  

In our onboarding series thus far, I have covered A Quick Introduction to TUNE Onboarding and How to Determine If Customized Onboarding Is Right for Your Team. In this post, I’ll be sharing a glimpse of what to expect from your month of onboarding.   

The TUNE Onboarding Experience 

Setting up a partner marketing program is an exciting time. We want to continue that momentum into the onboarding experience with a customized approach that’s focused on providing insight into the foundational building blocks of the platform.

A month in the life of TUNE Onboarding includes:    

  • A strategic kickoff call with a dedicated onboarding manager  
  • Overview of launch plan and objectives  
  • Onboarding resources and checklist  
  • Weekly training sessions over 30 days   
  • A fun team that “gets it” and will provide a 10 out of 10 onboarding experience – both managers come from leading teams and driving affiliate strategy across several verticals on the agency side.  

Customized Experience 

  • We understand that no two companies are alike, which is why we work to gain a deep understanding of your goals and strategies. Based on these insights, the onboarding team works to further customize the onboarding experience so that we focus on what is most critical to your program.   

Microlearning Approach  

  • We understand that it may feel daunting to learn a new tool, which is why we implemented a microlearning approach focused on the building blocks needed to navigate and understand the platform.  
  • These sessions include but are not limited to an overview of your account dashboard, tracking setup, partner flow, advanced tools, payment solutions, and more. Since we get to know our brand partners so well, we strive to set curated sessions as needed so that we are always learning about what is most relevant for your program.  

Dedicated Support with Long-term Success in Mind 

  • The onboarding experience is high engagement to support long-term success. In addition to the team’s partnership and support, you will have guides along the way to apply learnings in between training sessions.  

The Best Next Steps  

If you have any questions or if you are interested in more information on how our onboarding team can help your business succeed, feel free to reach out to Shandi Michno at [email protected].

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Shandi Michno

Shandi is the Senior Product Onboarding Manager at TUNE, with a background in digital marketing and leadership. Shandi received her bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Florida Atlantic University where she first found her passion for marketing. After living in Florida and outside of New York City, she came back home to the beautiful State of Montana with her husband and kids. You can find her hitting the Peloton, exploring the outdoors, or enjoying family movie night with a slice of pizza.