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Introducing Partner Specific Payout Structures

Becky Doles

Introducing Partner Specific Payout Structures

If you plan to capitalize on partner marketing this year, your brand needs one thing above everything else: the power to align in unique ways with each individual partnership. With it, your program can align perfectly with your partners to achieve your overall business goals. Without it, you risk losing top affiliates and influencers to other programs, higher commissions, or — worst of all — low motivation and indifference. 

That’s why we’re excited to announce Partner Specific Payout Structures, a powerful new feature that empowers every TUNE customer to succeed with even more flexibility and control over their partner marketing program.

Payouts As Unique As Your Partners

TUNE’s new Partner Specific Payout Structures enable advertisers and networks to set payout rules and criteria that are specific to each partner. This allows brands to adjust individual incentives without disrupting the complex commission logic for their program, making their incentives as unique as their partnerships. 

With Partner Specific Payout Structures, it’s easy and intuitive to manage individualized payout logic: 

Ease of Use
  • Manage individualized payout logic in one place, and apply it across multiple offers
  • Assign partners their own unique payouts 
Unparalleled Control 
  • Improve marketing efficiency by incentivizing the partners who align with your goals
  • Reduce spend with partners who do not meet your quality thresholds
  • Adjust quickly to changing market conditions and seasonal events
  • Get as granular as needed with your criteria to pay out

Partner Payouts

Ensure that your payout structures meet your industry-specific needs with dynamic payouts. Building on that functionality, Partner Specific Payout Structures allow you to customize your incentives to fit individual partners. Create payout rules specific to a particular partner, and set default payouts specific to a partner when no rules are met. 

Unique Partnerships 

Not all partnerships are the same. Partners who bring in higher quality traffic and more conversions are more valuable. Keeping those relationships strong may involve unique payouts, tailored to each partner. Create a Partner Specific Payout Structure by creating payout rules and setting default payouts that apply to an individual partner. 

A look at Partner Specific details and Payout Rules in the TUNE Partner Marketing Platform.

Your Business Rules and Partner Incentives

Building on a payout structure that has already been set up for your industry and campaign needs, a Partner Specific Payout Structure can further enhance your incentives to the partner level. Add in payout rules that are unique to a partner and create payout rules that are core to your business.   

In this example, the partner’s payout is a flat rate for traffic coming in from specific sub-publishers. If that publisher is not being used, the payout is calculated using rules based on the business. 

Whether your company operates in finance, e-commerce, subscription-based services, or any other business vertical, Partner Specific Payout Structures can help you set up the payout incentives that will drive your partner program to the top.

Learn More

Today’s release is just one more example of our promise to provide the most customization and scalability in the industry. To learn more about Partner Specific Payout Structures, download the info sheet or email [email protected].

Becky Doles

Becky is the Senior Content Marketing Manager at TUNE. Before TUNE, she handled content strategy and marketing communications at several tech startups in the Bay Area. Becky received her bachelor's degree in English from Wake Forest University. After a decade in San Francisco and Seattle, she has returned home to Charleston, SC, where you can find her strolling through Hampton Park with her pup and enjoying the simple things between adventures with friends and family.

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